ANKARA - ISTANBUL High Speed ​​Train Project

The High Speed ​​Train Project includes the construction of a new double-line high-speed railway with an all-electric, signal, suitable for 250 km / h independent of the existing line between Ankara and Istanbul.

Today, the total of the existing line between Ankara and Istanbul is 576 km and all of them are signaled and electric.

After completing the High Speed ​​Train line, which is independent of the existing line, suitable for 250 km / h, double track, electrical and signal, the distance between the two major cities will decrease to 533 km.

The project 10 consists of separate parts.

• Ankara-Sincan: 24 Km
• Ankara-High Speed ​​Train Station
• Sincan-Esenkent: 15 Km
• Esenkent-Eskişehir: 206 Km
• Eskişehir Railway Station
• Eskişehir-İnönü: 30 Km
• Inonu-Vezirhan: 54 Km
• Vezirhan-Köseköy: 104 Km
• Köseköy-Gebze: 56 Km
• Gebze-Haydarpaşa: 44 Km

Since the 44 km Gebze-Haydarpaşa section will be transformed into a superficial metro with the Marmaray project, it will be built within the scope of the Marmaray Project.

The project also includes 12 high-speed train and high-speed train depot construction.

Ankara - Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project will be completed in two stages.

While the Ankara - Eskişehir part of the project was put into service this year, the construction works between Eskişehir and Istanbul continue.


• Fast, comfortable and safe transportation between Ankara and Istanbul with double lines, electric, signal and 250 speed.
• To increase the share of railways from 10% in passenger transportation to 78%.
• Reduce travel time between Ankara and Istanbul.


• On the Ankara-Istanbul line, which is the busiest passenger and freight axis in terms of highway, railway and airline traffic, the competition chance of the railway will increase, and the passenger share will increase from 10% to 78%.
• 7-5 hour by rail, 6-3 hour on the Ankara-Istanbul route, 4,5-XNUMX hourly trip time with the use of service vehicles from the center with the airway;
• Ankara-Istanbul 4-4,5 hours,
• Ankara-Eskişehir is coming to the hour,
• Travel time in Ankara-Izmir line will be shortened
• Esenkent-İnönü and İnönü-Köseköy, with the commissioning of both stages in 2008;
• Ankara-Istanbul 3 hours,
• Ankara-Gebze 2 will go down to 30 hours.
• This significant time savings in travel time will make cities the suburb of each other and will offer the opportunity to go to the residents of different cities day by day for compulsory reasons such as education and work.
• Economic, social and cultural interaction between cities will increase.
• By integrating with Marmaray, uninterrupted passenger transportation from Europe to Asia will be made.
• When other high-speed train projects take place, high speed train networks will be formed in the important lines of our country.
• The double-line high-speed train line built separately from the existing line will increase the capacity of the existing line for freight and other trains, and this will reflect positively on other lines.
• Our industrialized country, whose urbanization rate is increasing day by day, will take an important step to the “New Railway Age” by the high-speed train to the modern public transportation vehicle.
• Our country, which is in the process of membership to the European Union, will be prepared for this process with its transportation infrastructure.
• The most modern transportation system in public transportation, which is not dependent on petroleum, has a low cost of construction, has a long service life, uses less land than motorways, does not cause environmental pollution, will increase the competitive power and transportation share with the catching of the age; balanced transportation system will make many positive effects from economy to our social cultural life.

As the railways that open in front of the high-speed train age evolve, the Turkish people will know the railway transportation system better and take over it.


• Length: 533 km
• Number of lines: double line, electric, signaled
• Speed: 250 km / h
• Axle Load: 22.5 tone
• Min. Radius Radius: 3.500.
• Maximum Slope:% 016
• Rail type: UIC-60
• Rail Length: Continuous welding
• Rail Quality: 900 A
• Crossbars: Pre-stretched, front-mounted concrete sleepers, type B70




Tender of the project's 206 km Esenkent-Eskişehir (İnönü) section 17. 09,1999 was made on 23.11.2000 and a contract was signed with AOG Consortium.

The project was started.

After the 3-year period, the construction work started with the groundbreaking ceremony held in Ankara on 08.06.2003 for the realization of the Project.

From Rehabilitation to High Speed ​​Train.

The project has been transformed into a new double-track high-speed train project by maintaining the existing line and from the rehabilitation including the construction of an additional road next to the Current Line.

How was the line constructed?

Esenkent-Eskişehir High Speed ​​Train Line construction works have been carried out in four different sections. Three separate construction sites were established in İlören, Biçer and Beylikova.

All materials used in the infrastructure, superstructure and electromechanical systems of the project were selected in accordance with international standards. During the construction of the line, in order to determine the ways in which the applications will be solved and the solutions to the problems encountered, cooperation was carried out at every stage with the distinguished universities of our country.

Rails produced for high-speed train line in Spain and traverse and electromechanical systems materials from abroad were stacked in warehouse areas.

The 36 m panels prepared at the warehouse sites were laid on the line with the line assembly machine named VAICAR. Then, the installation of the electrification, signalization and telecommunication systems of the line was completed. All necessary work has been completed to prepare the line for test drives.
Esenkent- Eskişehir High Speed ​​Line continued parallel to the existing road, but there were also some points. At this point, train underpasses and train overpasses were made and the relation between the existing and high-speed train lines was interrupted.

In addition, the high-speed train line was crossed over the highway as the high-speed train line cut the Ankara-Eskişehir State Highway at 2. The subway, overpass and culvert constructions were made from the agricultural areas and settlements on the route to ensure the passage of pedestrians and animals through vehicles such as road vehicles, tractors, harvesters.

What was done in Esenkent-Eskişehir ..

· 2,5 million tons of 25 million tons of excavation,
· 164 Million Tire Ballast Moved With 2,5 Bin Truck Load
· 254 pcs,
· 26 Roadway Overpass
13 Piece River Bridge,
· 30 Unit Highway Underpass,
2 Piece Highway Crossing Bridge,
7 Piece Train Bridge,
· 3926 Piece Viaduct with Total 4 Meters
471 m Tunnels were constructed with 1 m length.
· Total 57 Thousand Ton Ray,
· 680 Thousand pieces of traverse.
As a result; The Esenkent-Eskişehir high-speed train line was constructed as a double line with an independent 250 km / h speed.

Speed ​​Train Tests

On the high speed train lines all over the world, control and test drives are carried out at certain times before starting commercial transportation.

TÜV SÜD Rail Gmbh, an international competent authority authorized to issue high-speed train lines, was signed on 30.03.2007.

Test drives started on 2 with the ETR 4 high speed train set, which was rented by 500 locomotives and 25.04.2007 wagons rented from Italy to conduct test drives.

TÜV SÜD, technical staff of TCDD and faculty members from our universities participated in the test drives, which were gradually increased by the methods applied by TÜV SÜD Rail Gmbh.

Speeds of 275 km / h and above were reached during the test runs.

Later test runs continued with new high-speed train sets purchased from Spain that would carry passengers on this line.


For the infrastructure works in this section, a contract was signed with SIGMA İnş.ve Turz.İşl.Tic.AŞ on the date of 24.03.2006 and studies started on 03.04.2006. The tender for the infrastructure work of the subject sector was made on 07.04.2008 and 03.07.2008 signed a contract with SİGMA İnş.ve Turz.İşl.Tic.AŞ.
On 22.07.2008, the site was delivered to the company in question and the works started. The productions required to be made within the scope of the first contract have been completed and the work has been terminated with 100% reconnaissance cost and the supply tender has been made for the incomplete works. The liquidation process of the mentioned work was carried out on 24/10/2008, and a total of 22 km was prepared for the construction of the superstructure. Yapı Merkezi Construction and Industry Inc. A contract was signed with on 27.12.2007 and the site was delivered on 14.01.2008.


15 was signed with SIGMA Construction and Turz.
In the project, with the increase of% 120 discovery in the infrastructure works, work has been done on 22 / 10 / 2008 date and work place has been made to superstructure. EMRE RAY Energy Construction Ve Tic.Ltd.Sti. 25.04.2008 was signed on 15.08.2008 and place delivery was done on XNUMX.


Eskişehir Transit is planned to be provided from the underground in order to provide solutions to existing level crossings.

It is planned to transfer the cargo handling and warehouse maintenance services in Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone to Hasanbey within the scope of taking out the existing Cargo and Warehouse Centers in Eskişehir Station and providing a more effective service to the customers.

Eskişehir Gar crossing project total 3,4 km. 2240 is a closed section and 1151 is composed of U section.

. In the tunnel;
. 2 pieces speed train line,
. 2 pieces conventional line,
. 1 pieces load line
. 5 line will be made.
. In the U cross section, 2 is designed as 1 line with 3 fast and XNUMX conventional.

Eskişehir Train Station Tender was held on 08.11.2007 and NET Yapı ve Tic.Ltd.Şti.- GÜLÇUBUK İnş. Mak. Turz. Singing. Tic. Ltd. Sti. İŞ ORT. The contract was signed on 03.03.2008 and the site was delivered on 18.03.2008 and the construction period of the work is 540 calendar days. With regard to the infrastructure transfers within the construction route, displacement studies of Ø 1000 and Ø 500 have been completed and telecom and electricity projects have been approved. Project studies on natural gas displacement are ongoing. It is expected that the temporary operation line will be completed in order to start the production in other sections of the section of Ankara, where 96 m L section wall production has been completed on the south side.


158 km 2.Etabı of the project will be carried out in two sections, Köseköy-Vezirhan and Vezirhan-İnönü.


Loan agreement was signed with the contracts of both sectors and the decision of the Council of Ministers was taken. It is planned to complete the construction works until the year of 2008 by making advance payment and place delivery within 2010.


In order to connect the İnönü-Vezirhan-Köseköy section of the Ankara-İstanbul High Speed ​​Train Project and Gebze-H.Paşa, which is part of the Marmaray Project, it is planned to align the Köseköy-Gebze between the train lines.
The preparation of the tender for 56 km is underway and the construction of this section is planned to be completed concurrently with 2.


Ankara-Istanbul High-speed train project, which is part of the Ankara-Sincan between the 24 km of high-speed train operation by making the existing suburban lines, platforms and stations to organize the project studies were made

The roads and stations in this line section are rearranged, 2 high speed train between Ankara-Behiçbey, 2 suburban trains and 2 line including 6 line conventional, 2 high speed train between Behiçbey and Sincan, 2 suburban units and 1 units are conventional. 5 line is planned to be made

In this line, high-speed train operations and suburban lines and service units will be constructed in the subway standard.

It is planned that the tender will be completed within 2008 year and the construction will be completed within 2009 year.

Source: TCDD

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