Anadolu Ekspresi'nin derailed a wagon, Istanbul-Eskişehir railway transportation closed

A wagon of the Anatolian Express, which has 391 passengers, has derailed from the Istanbul to Ankara in the Alifuatpaşa district of Örencik district of Geyve district of SAKARYA. While the train went 25-30 at the speed of 2-XNUMX, the tragedy of the XNUMX-XNUMX prevented the tragedy and Istanbul-Eskişehir railway transportation closed.

04.45 391 8 passenger car 11 207 XNUMX passengers 'XNUMX' XNUMX 'XNUMX' XNUMX 'XNUMX yesterday' time between the 'Anatolian Express' Geyve District Alifatpaşa Beldesi Örencik Mevkii when a wagon derailed. Due to the maintenance work on the railway tracks in the region for a while, the speed of the train was low, thus preventing any possible catastrophe.

After the accident, Istanbul-Eskişehir railway transportation was closed and Anadolu Express's 391 passenger was transported by bus. Upon the derailment of his wagon, the crane, who was sent from TCDD Istanbul Regional Directorate, started the rescue works. The rescue works will be completed by noon.

Due to the closure of the Istanbul-Eskişehir railway, the 4 passenger train departing from the same route is being held at the Arifiye and Alifiatpaşa train stations. On the railway between Adapazari and Geyve-Alifuatpasa, the 2 freight train was derailed in the last 2 month.

Source: DHA

Günceleme: 22/12/2018 16:23

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