Turkish companies even awarded a train tender in Turkmenistan

In Turkmenistan, which is one of the countries where Turkish companies get the most jobs, the contracting works they undertook in 2011 exceeded 3 billion 270 million dollars.

Turkish contracting companies, which have a say in the development of Turkmenistan, have won the tender of 63 projects such as housing, school, factory, hotel, recreational facilities, military sea base, power plants, fertilizer factory, highway, railway, hospital and pipeline construction so far. undertook a large number of jobs.

In the first month of 2011 Rönesans The construction company took up the $ 350 million fertilizer and ammonia plant construction business in the Mari province, while the Lotus Energy Company won the tender for high-voltage power lines between the Mari-Lebap provinces for $ 390 million. In the past months, Belda Construction Company has been awarded two separate hotels and recreation facilities tender for approximately 200 million dollars in Avaza Tourism region. Tekfen İnşaat ve Tesisat AŞ, as a subcontractor in the South Yoloten Gas Field Project, will perform the works of auxiliary facilities and the construction of the natural gas pipeline for 261 million dollars. Eser Holding will make highway construction for $ 266 million. While the Uslu Yapı company will undertake a highway project for 111 million dollars, İlk İnşaat company will carry out military and sea base projects as well as platform and piping works, which cost more than 150 dollars.

Turkish companies, Turkmenistan, had received a total of 2010 billion dollars in the past 4.5. Approximately 2 billion dollars of this figure was the Olympic Village project undertaken by Polimeks İnşaat.

The total volume of work that 1991 has taken over since the 24, when Turkish construction companies gained independence, has surpassed the billion.


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