88 years ago today's tram lines

During the debate on the name of the tram in Cumhuriyet Caddesi, President Altepe gave a striking information yesterday. The first steps for the tram in Bursa 108 was discarded years ago, while the 88 year-long line planning seems to match the current plan Bursa

Mayor Recep Altepe initially took up his arms to form a new center of attraction in the city center. In order to reduce the density, he decided to shut down Cumhuriyet Street to the vehicle traffic and made a one-car tram line there as well.

While choosing the old wagon for the tram to bring color to the new attraction, he said nostalgic tram due to the old age of wagons.
This situation…
In Bursa, it caused the objections of some groups and the discussions were made about the “Has there been a tram in the past of Bursa? Bursa.
Nowadays ...
Cumhuriyet Caddesi is keeping up with the new concept. In the workplaces, the facades of the buildings are changing. Soon there will be a completely different Bursa.
Yesterday, as President Altepe stressed, the foreigners coming to Bursa are already on the way to Cumhuriyet Street, taking a moment photograph in front of our green nostalgic tram wagon.
Then ...
President Altepe yesterday, the first steps in Bursa 107 announced the process of tramway thrown years ago.
According to this…
The first step in the tram was thrown in 1904, so 108 years ago. Mehmed Ali Agha, the son of Solomon, applied in 1905 when Hajj Kamil Efendi Zade Arif Bey failed. 2 12 has signed a contract with Oropedi Mauri Matis Efendi based in Istanbul on July 1913.
While the roads of the tram lines were opened and the materials were bought, the building used by Uedaş in the face of Merinos today was built as a factory to produce the electricity needed by the tram.
The contract was terminated when the First World War began.
The last contract signed in 1924 envisaged the construction of a total tram line within the city, including 4 mandatory and 5.
All of these lines form the basis of today's tram line plans.
Whoever has done this, 88 year before seeing the very best of Bursa today planned the tram line.
For example…
At the beginning of the 1900s, a tramway between Grain-Fevzi Cakmak Avenue and the district of Hamidiye, which is called Meşrutiyet, will pass from the beginning to today.
The main backbone of Bursa, Yeşil-Ulucami-Zafer Square-Çekirge line, was requested to be solved by tram. As another compulsory line, today's Inönü Street, Demirtaşpaşa-Statue line was planned.
At the Stadium Square, a tram line between the Beluve Hotel and the Merinos, where the SSK building was destroyed, was considered.
From these lines Bu
88 is working on Republic Street years ago. The other three main lines are the fragmented part of the planned Sculpture-City Square-Stadium-Sculpture ring line.
And a Bir
Depending on these lines, there are feeding tram lines that aim at transport connections between the neighborhoods above Atatürk Street. Among them, the Grasshopper Square-Acemler line is also remarkable.
Mayor Recep Altepe, telling the history of the unknown yesterday, "Our Ecdadımın a century ago began the work of the 107 year after we are proud to bring to Bursa," he expressed the happiness.

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