Prime Minister Erdogan: "Only the third bridge and connection road tender will be held"

Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan, 3 to Istanbul. by specifying that they decided to narrow the bridge project, arı 3 only. bridges and connecting roads, and some guarantees will be brought back to the tender-operate-transfer tender. In this way, the 6 billion-dollar project will probably be reduced to $ 1 billion 2.5. Bu
For the World Economic Forum (WEF) meetings, Babacan goes to Davos on CNBC-e television. the bridge made explanations about.

Mr. Prime Minister took the maps in front of him, looked at the projects and gave the following instructions: The third bridge is the only way to separate the connection as a separate project. Because 3. It was designed as a single project as a bridge, connecting road and highway system, and it was an estimated project of $ 1 billion. Long term and not very easy to finance. Therefore, we have decided to contract this project as a third bridge, which is our urgent need, and only as a way of connection.

25 came to $ 3 per day
"6 billion-dollar project, what will fall as a numerical?" Babacan on the question of the figure, these figures will be revealed as a result of the tender, but 2.5 billion dollars to fall to the level of predicted, he said. Babacan, therefore, will increase the number of people interested in the tender, he said.
Babacan's other explanations from the line heads as follows:
- “We don't need a revision about our growth forecast for this year.
- Turkey in 2012. We never want to cut into a recession
- From August until the end of the year it was $ 5 billion in foreign exchange inflows to Turkey. There was a $ 1 billion inflow from January 3 to yesterday.
- Our tight stance in public finances will not change, we never allow relaxation.
- There will be some decline in the current account deficit, but the figure we expect is 8 percent and this is a high level. Our measures will continue. ”

3 with heavy vehicle 'specification. towards the bridge

3 of heavy vehicle traffic. Babacan explained that they will be directed to the bridge and put it in the tender specifications. ın The following is important: Heavy vehicle traffic needs to be directed to the third bridge. The third bridge will already be built to take the load on the first and second bridges. At the moment, the decision to be implemented immediately narrow the project and limit it as only the third bridge and connection roads, bring some guarantees and re-build the tender-operate-transfer tender. Şu

'Bridge and 95 km. we will be auctioned for the road '

In the meantime, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, 3 to Istanbul. Bridge and bridge on the European and Asian sides of the 60 road with the way of connection ways to do with the Build-Operate-Transfer model, the remaining paths will be completed simultaneously with the budget, he said.
Yıldırım answered the questions after the signature ceremony of the Çukurova Regional Airport Project Implementation Agreement and explained the change in the project as follows:
Lanmış First of all the bridge and motorway were planned with Build-Operate-Transfer. However, with the change we made, we will continue to build the bridge and the connection ways with the 60 kilometer on the European and Asian sides of the bridge through Build-Operate-Transfer. We will complete the remaining routes simultaneously with our own budgetary facilities. We'il get the offers in April. There will be a total 95 kilometer road with connection roads. Bağlantı

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