Current Status of the Wagon Repair Factory in Malatya

Malatya Governor Assoc. Dr. Ulvi Saran said that they expect good results from the contact with the Chinese regarding the Wagon Repair Factory.

Saran, noting that the Chinese company has made the necessary examinations and they are waiting for the offer from the company, said, “We have established a serious contact with the Chinese. We knew they were generally interested. The company we invite to Malatya is the largest and the most wagon producing company in the world. They came to Malatya and made the necessary examinations. We are waiting for their offers now. As a joint investment, the rate will be part of both our Malatya entrepreneurs and part of the Provincial Special Administration.

to the economy kazanWe are working to get it fixed. We expect our contacts to yield good results," he said.

Stating that they are working to use the Wagon Repair Factory in accordance with its establishment purpose, Governor Saran said, “Everything is right. We think that this place should not be idle, it should be evaluated and it should contribute to our economy. Of course, no experience in the wagon production of the private sector in Turkey. To date, wagons have been produced and repaired by companies that are entirely in public capital and within the public organization. It is the first time that the private sector is engaged in the production of wagons. We are working to use such a large closed area for the purpose of establishment. We hope that a good result will come from this, ”he said.

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