Anadolu University and Eskişehir become the center of rail systems

The Ministry of Development (State Planning Organization) presented the National Rail Systems Center of Excellence (URAYSİM) project in June of 2010. The project was approved on the condition that it will be revised in January of 2011. 14 was launched on January 2012 by being published in the Official Gazette and by taking the formalization of the project which was taken into the investment program. This project, approved by the Ministry of Development, will be realized with the contribution of Anadolu University. Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (MMF) Electrical and Electronics Engineering Faculty Member Dr. Dogan Gokhan Ece will execute. The center, which will be established in the Alpu district of Eskişehir, will have the 27 km test path. For the administrative units, laboratories, workshops, social areas and educational units of the center, the land of 670 thousand 560 squares is allocated to Anadolu University by Eskişehir Alpu Municipality. Once completed, the project will have excellence and national dimensions and will be one of the few centers in Europe on rail systems. In the center, which will be open to R & D and product development activities of all the public and private stakeholders of the railway systems sector, including the personnel, rail systems, pull-pull vehicles and components will be certified according to international standards.

Anadolu University MMF Faculty Member who will carry out the project. Dr. Doğan Gökhan Ece said about URAYSİM: “The project of the installation of the Rail Systems Research Center proposed by Anadolu University has been approved by the Ministry of Development. There are a number of conditions that must be met after a center has been established to function both nationally and perfectly. Only when these conditions are met can the center acquire excellence and national attributes. After its installation is completed, URAYSİM will become a center where R&D, product development and prototype testing activities of the vehicles and components of the pull-pulled vehicles and components produced by all stakeholders of the sector are carried out. Here, the training opportunities that the center can provide should not be forgotten. Anadolu University has initiated the necessary initiatives to create a training unit equipped in the field of rail systems engineering. However, the center's most important function, will be made of the realization that testing with both produced in both Turkey purchased from abroad, rail vehicles and components to international standards compatibility and EU interoperability certification process. Anadolu University is one of the founding members of the Rail Systems Cluster Association established in Eskişehir. The association also includes TÜLOMSAŞ and other sectoral producers. The association directs its works in order to increase the contribution of the domestic industry in the production of rail systems vehicles and components, and is engaged in intensive efforts for domestic manufacturers to carry out product development projects together with TÜBİTAK. When all these developments into consideration, Anadolu University in Eskisehir in Turkey and has taken a very important step for the future of the rail system. With the realization of this project, Anadolu University will be the center of the rail systems. In this sense, we will continue our work intensively. ” spoke in the form.

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