3. bridge crossing 3 dollar + VAT

3 to be made in Istanbul. for the bridge before the tender in April 5 tolls were determined. The bridge toll will be 3 dollar + VAT for cars. Wages will be regulated at the annual inflation rate.

General Directorate of Highways, Istanbul to be made 3. For the bridge, 5 determined the tolls on the bridge before the tender to be realized with build-operate-transfer (BOT) model in April. The bridge toll was determined as 3 USD + VAT for cars. In determining the tolls of large vehicles, the number of axles will be considered.

Within the scope of the project, the investor will be provided with the annual 135 thousand vehicle pass. According to the newspaper Cumhuriyet, the government will pay the difference to the investor if the number of vehicles does not pass.

Tender guarantee amount was determined as 15 million pounds. Tenderers, 2 from February 100 thousand pounds will be able to purchase the tender file for a price.

Source : http://ekonomi.milliyet.com.tr



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