Today in History: 23 January 1857 Rumeli railway construction

23 In January 1857 the Ottoman state signed a contract with the British parliamentary Labro for the construction of Rumelia railways.

Generally, the commercial purpose was kept in the foreground by the British companies on the small lines in the Balkans and in the rich regions of the Aegean. The Ottoman state was also considering military and political objectives as well as commercial purposes. The attempt to construct the yapım Rumelia railways edil that would allow Istanbul to connect with the Balkans and Europe was an indication of this.

The idea that the railways would provide the opportunity to send troops to the revolts and wars of the Ottoman Empire in Europe as soon as possible led to the construction of the railway which will connect Istanbul with Edirne through Europe over the Balkans.

In the 23 January 1857 de Labro for the construction of the Rumelian railways, in the 13 April 1860, Charles Liddell, Lewis Dunbar, Brodie Gordo, Thomas Page, 31 March 1868, the Belgian Van Der Elts brothers were granted concessions. Upon the failure to meet the conditions of the agreement signed, these three privileges were canceled.

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