2012 will be the year of tram for Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu gathered together in the new year, towel throw, we do not have the luxury to surrender. We will work harder. Daha

2012 projects

17 Mayor Kocaoğlu said that the events in 2011 in the last 3 of the XNUMX year were worth millions of lunar openings or basic throws in the XNUMX. I believe that we should not be afraid because we know we are doing the right job. Doğru

Mayor Kocaoglu, in his speech that metro investments will be put into service and Hatay Street will be opened to traffic. Stating that the sludge drying - digestion plant to be established by İZSU, Özdere- Gümüldür, Ürkmez- Doğanbey biological wastewater treatment plants will be built in 2012, Mayor Aziz Kocoğlu stated that the foundation of Yenifoça treatment will be laid in 2012, and that the rainwater and sewage water separation works will continue in the next year. Mr. Kocaoğlu stated that they had reduced water leakages to 35 levels in Izmir and that they are working to lower this level further.

Traffic full-automatic system will be passed, IZBAN'ı TCDD said they will carry from Friday to Torbali President Kocaoglu, Gulf cleaning ships will come in a short time, he said. Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, who informed that the Gulf will be redesigned with its coasts, said, “We will make the Gulf a show - show center. We will continue the ferry tender to accelerate the Gulf transport. In addition, to ease transportation, we will go to the tender of Konak tram. Karşıyaka we will deal with the necessary permissions on the tram. We will go to the tender as soon as possible about our section of Uçanyol. After the title deed transactions, we will participate in the fair tender. We will turn the old fairground into a congress and exhibition center. As soon as we find a place, we'il solve the solid waste problem. Projects related to this issue are ready and we are searching for a place. ”

Source: IMM


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