107-Year-Old Bursa Tram Dream Realized on Cumhuriyet Street

the lifting of the bursa t nostalgic tram line is on the agenda
the lifting of the bursa t nostalgic tram line is on the agenda

The 107-Year-old Bursa Tramway Dream Realized on Cumhuriyet Street. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said that the goal of covering the city with iron nets came to the agenda a century ago and that 1924 lines, 4 of which are compulsory and 5 of which are preferential, were determined according to the last contract signed in 9. President Altepe said, “One of these lines is the Cumhuriyet Caddesi line. We brought the project that our ancestors could not implement to Bursa. kazanWe are proud of climbing,” he said.

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe shared the transformation on Cumhuriyet Street, which changed its face with its tram line and facade and roof arrangement works, with the public at the press conference. Giving information about the history of Cumhuriyet Avenue at the meeting held in Brass Han, President Altepe noted that, in parallel with the change in the city in the early 1900s, Cumhuriyet Street was opened by destroying some historical monuments. Stating that many historical buildings such as the Brass Inn, the Grain Inn, the Old-New Inn and the Thursday Bath were destroyed partially or completely, while opening the street, President Altepe said that the Hamidiye Street, which provided great relief to the city transportation, was named Meşrutiyet first and Cumhuriyet Street in 1926. .

The first step in the tram was taken in 1904

Reminding that they attach great importance to the spread of public transportation, especially tram in Bursa, President Altepe reminded that the idea of ​​weaving the city with iron nets came to the agenda in 1904. Sharing the information compiled from historical Bursa archives, President Altepe said, “In 1904, Hacı Kamil Efendi Zade Arif Bey applied to install and operate an electric tram in Bursa instead of a horse-drawn tram. When this did not happen, the right to install and operate electric trams was transferred to the municipality by Payitaht.

On 17 February 1905, the Municipality appealed to the establishment and operation of the Tram with reference from the notables of Aşkudere Mehmed Ali Ağa Payitaht. According to the specifications, after the establishment of the company within two years and the construction of the building was stipulated, when the required conditions were not fulfilled, on September 20, 1909, he transferred the rights of Mehmed Ali Aga to Aşkudereli to the municipality again. Later on, the contract was signed with Oropedi Mauri Matis Efendi, the company headquarters in Istanbul, on 12 July 1913. The roads of tram lines are opened and the materials are completed. The construction of the factories where the electricity needed for trams will be produced is started and some of them are partially completed. When the works came to a halt with the intervention of the First World War, the contract was terminated and the concession is transferred to the municipality again.

After the First World War, on June 23, 1924, a company named Bursa Cer, Tenvir Ve Kuvve-i Muharrike-i Elektrikiye Türk Anonim Şirketi was established. In the same year, the first powerhouse, tram depots and repair shops, namely today's Tedaş building, were established. However, due to the fact that the electricity produced is primarily used for industry, the desired result regarding the tram cannot be achieved. According to the last contract signed in 1924, 4 lines, 5 of which are compulsory and 9 of which are preferential, have been determined. One of them is Cumhuriyet Street, where tram services are made today. The tram, which our ancestors started to work on a century ago, arrived in Bursa 107 years later. kazanWe are proud of climbing,” he said.

Change of mindset is a must

Underlining that they are working hard to make the Historical Bazaar and the Hanlar Region, Reyhan and Kayhan, especially Cumhuriyet Street, the center of attraction of the city, President Altepe reminded that Cumhuriyet Street has taken its present form with only 4,5 months of work. Noting that the exteriors of all the buildings on the street are arranged, the roofs are repaired and the rotten buildings are strengthened, Mayor Altepe said, “We did the physical change in 4,5 months, but the most important thing is the mentality change. Change of mentality takes time. Cities are constantly developing and changing. Our tradesmen have to keep up with this change. That region should be a lively, day-to-day living area with more food and beverage facilities and accommodation facilities. Our tradesmen will either change the way of trading or change their place of business. Changes are inevitable in the region, ”he said.

The value of buildings increased

Noting that they met with all the shopkeepers and got more than 60 percent of the shopkeepers before starting work on Cumhuriyet Street, President Altepe also underlined that they would not be involved in such a work without a request. Expressing that the value of both the street and the shops on the street has increased with their work, Mayor Altepe said, “We have restored the Salt Inn and arranged the facades. We have created a modern shopping place. You should sell 10 lira silk night, not 100 lira per night. However, we insist on maintaining our habit of trading with the same understanding of what we see from the father. We buy the money we spend on the facades and roofs of the buildings on the street in installments on a long-term basis. If we receive support from some funds while doing these works, we deduct them from the account. I cannot repair the shop of the shopkeepers with the taxes I receive from the citizens living in Sırameşeler, Soğanlı. If the value of your shop is increasing, this value increases with regulation works. Of course, shop owners will cover these expenses. However, we provide all kinds of convenience. ”

“We will be ungrateful if we don't see it”

Speaking on behalf of the tradesmen who attended the meeting, President of Cumhuriyet Street Tradesmen Association, Erkan Öncel, stated that there was a big change in Bursa, especially on Cumhuriyet Street, and said, "We would be ungrateful if we didn't see this change." Öncel described a dialogue he had with the mayor of the time in the 90s as follows: “The mayor was passing by our street. I said, 'Mayor, cars, buses, taxis all pass through this street. Not a single plane or train passes here. I said, 'We are tired of noise, visual pollution and the smell of exhaust. 'We'll handle it, don't worry about it,' he said. We've seen how well it's done.” Thanking Mayor Altepe and his team for their work that adds vision to the street, Öncel said, “There will also be sectoral change on the street. We have to keep up with this period. We must be respectful of our traditions but also open to the future. However, such services kazanLet's not be a hindrance to those who resist, let's support them," he said.


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