Which questions were there in the file for the high-speed train?

Minister Yıldırım to speed train

What questions were in the outgoing file?

When finished;

It's one of the biggest projects in Bursa.

However, the connection of Bursa to Bilecik and the connection of the connection line which will be integrated into the main line still cannot be concluded.

According to planning;

The construction of the high-speed train line, which started in Ankara and reached Istabul, started in 2003 and was planned to be completed at 2009.

However, the government did not hold the target.


When the 2009 was reached, only the Ankara-Eskişehir line was activated.


Only the 245 kilometer part of the still used 197 kilometer line is made up of new rails, so that the high speed train departs from Ankara only after the 40 kilometer.

At this point;

Although Bursa-Yenişehir connection line has not been finalized yet, MHP Bursa Deputy İsmet Büyüakataman asked the Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım to increase the costs in the first stage.

Büyükataman's question is actually quite interesting.


In a statement by TCDD 1. Although the cost of the contract was 459 million euros, the cost of 200 to 250 increased to 629 million euros and it surprised the Büyükataman too.


Minister Yıldırım said, ın Since so much exploration is done, I wonder if the renovation work of the Ankara-Eskişehir line is complete? Arı he asks, who wants to know who approved the cost increase.


Fast trains in the world 600 km. When the speed of the price reached a fee above the price of the price still not exceed the 250 even a technology that is why it is so expensive asking MHP Buyukataman, now Minister Yıldırım expects explanation.

These questions show that Büyükataman has some technical knowledge, so the response from the Ministry is also important for Büyükataman and Bursa.

Bursa Judge - Okan Tuna

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