BursaRay History

bursaray map and guzergahi
bursaray map and guzergahi

44 B80 manufactured by Siemens, 30 B2010 manufactured by Bombardier, 25 Düwag SG2 purchased from Rotterdam

July 8, 1998: BursaRay's foundation was laid
29 October 2001: BursaRay business opens
23 April 2002: Journey to BursaRay A stage started
June 2003: Electronic Ticket System commissioned
2 January 2005: BursaRay 1. Stage B stage construction work started
6 April 2008: BursaRay B stage started yoculu voyages
28 October 2008: BursaRay 2. Stage construction work started
30 July 2010: Small industrial-Ozluce stations were tested at 3 station
24 Range 2010: 2. Trip on the university line started at Altınşehir, Ertuğrul and Özlüce Stations
4 April 2011: 3. Stage D stage Kestel line was auctioned
30 July 2011: D Stage Kestel laid the foundation of line
19 September 2011: BursRay 2. All of the Stage University Line is opened for passenger train operation
15 Range 2011: BursaRay 2. Phase Mudanya Road extension travel opened for train operation

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