Prices in Uludag

The package program prices of the hotels in Uludağ are astonishing per year. Those who want to spend the beginning of the year in Uludağ filled the hotels despite the high prices.

In Uludag, which is one of the lively places of the year, the early snowfall made hoteliers smile. Prices have increased compared to previous years, and hotels have filled reservations for the beginning of the year. At the beginning of the year, the price of a room for 2 people at the Grand Yazıcı Hotel, where singer Burcu Güneş will take the stage, is 900 TL per night, while 2 people will pay 2 thousand and 840 thousand TL at the Ağaoğlu Hotel where Fedon will take the stage. Kervansaray Hotel will perform singer Tuğba Ekinci on the stage for the New Year program. The cost of 2 people for 2 nights in Kervansaray is 2 thousand 20 TL. While the price of 2 people per night is 495 TL at the beginning of the year, 2 people will pay 2 thousand 2 TL for 600 nights at Atasu Hotel.

While children between the ages of 0-6 are not charged, the room prices in hotels will be between 130 and 200 TL per person on weekdays and 150 and 250 TL on weekends. 27 hotels in Uludağ will host domestic and foreign tourists with a capacity of approximately 5 beds throughout the season. Uludag, 8 lifts and 7 lifts with one of the leading centers of winter tourism in Turkey. It is possible to reach Uludağ from the city center by cable car and road.



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