Kadıköy Kartal metro will be put into service in February 2012!

Good news came to Istanbul, where the traffic became chaotic every day. One of the most important solutions to the traffic problem of the Anatolian side. Kadıköy-The opening date of Kartal Metro has been announced. Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, who took a test ride on the Kartal station with the press members yesterday, said that the line will be put into service in February 2012. Kartal KadıköyNoting that the construction of the subway line, which reached 29 minutes in Istanbul, carrying 1.5 million Istanbul residents per day, was completed, Topbaş noted that there are 5 stations on the line that ends in 16 years and the line will extend to Pendik and Kaynarca in the near future. Sitting in the vatman seat to command the latest wagons of the subway, whose wagons are produced in Spain, Topbaş takes the subway train from Kartal. Kadıköyused until. Describing the stations along the way using the megaphone system, Topbaş said that each station will be decorated with different themes. He emphasized that inter-tunnel truss stations were created in some areas underground. Stating that the length of the line was 22 kilometers, Topbaş said in 2013 Kadıköy- He said that the Eagle subway will be integrated with the Marmaray system. During the trial expedition of the subway, the date reflected on the screens inside the wagons was 2011/11/11 and 11.11.

With a length of about 22 kilometers Kadıköy- There are a total of 16 stations on the Kartal metro line. Even record tunnel excavations of up to 150 meters per day were made. Electromechanical and fine works started in 15 stations. The rail laying of the line with a total length of 48 thousand 572 meters between Kozyatağı and Kartal has been completed. 250 meters of rail are being mounted per day. The number of wagons provided for the line was increased from 120 to 144 due to the extension of the line to Kaynarca. Kadıköy29 minutes between Eagle

4 passengers will be able to transport 1084 8 passengers in 2. All vehicles are manufactured in accordance with the driver-free operation. In this way, operations such as parking at night, the repair-maintenance workshop, such as operations, the control center will be made by an operator and without driver. This will give the business economy and flexibility. There are intermediate passageways between the wagons. It will be possible to distribute passengers homogeneously in a train consisting of 168 wagons. The cars are equipped with heating, cooling and ventilation. In-car and off-road, closed-circuit camera system for passenger safety. There will be digital indicators showing which direction to go outside the vehicle. There will be a hangi Dynamic Road Map g showing the passengers on the door in the wagon, the station which is going to the station, the stations left behind and the information on line with the passengers on different lines. This route map will show the transfer points to other transport systems.

Each vehicle will have 8 passenger information screens (LCD screens) to inform passengers and to be used for advertising purposes. For a comfortable journey, there will be fire insulators with vibration and sound insulation. Kadıköy- When the Kartal metro line is completed (other lines such as Marmaray, Yenikapı-Hacıosman, Otogar-Bağcılar-İkitelli lines are completed) journey times for someone who takes the metro from Kartal. Kadıköy 29 minutes, Üsküdar 35 minutes, Yenikapı 47 minutes, Taksim 55 minutes, Bus Station 66 minutes, Hacıosman 79 minutes, Airport 79 minutes, Olympic Stadium will be 89 minutes.

Built according to the earthquake risk of magnitude 9

Starting in KARTAL Kadıköy Answering the questions of the press members after the trial run that ended in Iskele Square, Topbas stated that the subway was resistant to 9-intensity earthquake and was built according to this risk. a possible future earthquake occurs in Istanbul, Van earthquake, it would be much different, save that Turkey would take some 10 years back Topbas, "We have to pay the bill generations the size, we rocked. Located between the world's 10 most important economies of Turkey can hit the very bottom. At this point make up 20 percent of Turkey's population of Istanbul must get rid of this risk, "he said. Stating that he will remind the district mayors of Istanbul in the near future that serious steps should be taken regarding the earthquake, Topbaş said, “If the cooperative, the site and the people living in a neighborhood apply together, I will start a study that will enable them by transferring their conditions in a certain amount. . This practice is done in some municipalities. ”

16 demolition carried out

Topbas said that as a municipality, 16 demolition has been carried out so far. There are many different methods in the earthquake, which should be applied if appropriate expressing Topbas, Istanbul, 10 risky buildings in the district said that the scan was done. Topbas said, 'When I started my task, what is the priority problem in Istanbul? “. When asked, I have always said: Istanbul's priority problem earthquake but the transportation affects our daily life, we always talk about transportation. In fact, we always need to talk about the earthquake. We have done very serious works in this city about the earthquake. We established a system that can complete the geological studies of the city and see possible ground reactions. The buildings are now allowed to be drilled in parcel and plot dimensions and are allowed to build structures. Artık

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