Gebze-İzmit-Köseköy railway line will be closed during the day on 17.12.2011

Due to the renovation works to be carried out on the railway lines within the scope of the High Speed ​​Train Project, 17 announced that the train services in Gebze-İzmit-Köseköy line will be canceled as of December.

Thousands of industrial companies and university students who train on these lines are experiencing a great victimization and uneasiness due to the cancellation of train services.

One of the most lines which transport is performed by railway trains in Turkey as well as the time between Sakarya and Istanbul will be a really important issue to be stopped during daylight hours.

And a few days, not a few months. Full 30 month, so the 2,5 will last throughout the year.

Despite the significant improvement that will take place one week later, the authorities have not given any detailed information about the solution nor the subject.

Thousands of students who study at Kocaeli University and whose families live in Istanbul and Gebze travel by train.

Similarly, the most preferred means of transportation for workers in this region, which is an industrial zone, is the train service.

The fact that this line will be closed during the 2,5 year will really affect thousands of people in a very bad way.
Hasan Bektaş, Head of Branch Number 1 of United Transportation Employees Union Istanbul, said that they will fight against these road closures, which will adversely affect a large part of the public. Bektaş, who claims that people are victimized without thinking in this region, where there is an intense transportation, said, “Closing the road regardless of the fact that students, workers and the majority of our people make many programs on these trains means that the passengers are saying 'You can see whatever you are' 'without producing an alternative solution. asked not to be closed.
Since the train lines are made over two lines, train services can be done on one line while high speed train renovation is being done.

Although the cancellation of the train services is necessary for the high speed train project, I think that the important thing is to find the way to realize these works without causing the people to be victimized.

Source: Gebze Haber - Levent Altun

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