Bursa-Bandırma-Osmaneli-Ayazma İnönü project will change the face of Bursa

Bursa-Bandırma-Osmaneli-Ayazma İnönü project: When we examine the railway structures in our country, they seem to reflect the architectural style of the period they were made. The first of these is the structures made during the Ottoman period in the Republican period. As a result, buildings constructed in both periods constitute an architectural integrity of that period. This feature has been the basis of the new route and has been dealt with in a way that reflects the language of today. The station, lodging, social and technical support structures throughout the route have been tried to be handled in a certain architectural integrity. Only station structures are offered here.

The total 12 unit station structure is intended as 3 type:

  1. Large Type: Bursa Train Station
  2. Medium Type: Medium sized settlements: Bandırma, Karacabey, Yenişehir, İnegöl Stations
  3. Small Type: Low population settlements: New Karaağaç, Belabanlık, Gürsu, Ayazma, Dereyönük, Aksu, Osmaneli Stations

In the design of the stations, the aspect ratio of the trains, their linearity and the slices formed by the platform and the lines played a fundamental role. These slices were moved to the station structure and the platform structure was tried to be a whole.

When the approach to trains is examined, the movement of people gives the feeling that the movement from the entrance point to the station building requires a circulation that opens like a fan towards the trains. In the proposed project, this phenomenon constitutes the fiction of the station structures together with the peron slices, and the passengers entering the station structure can detect the entire train in a perspective.

After the entrance in the stations, it is possible to move from the lower level to the other platforms with the escalators immediately seen.

The surfaces of the slices widening to the panels and the platform facade with horizontal jointed stone cladding were considered as plaster and slice and depth effect was increased. The same horizontal joint effect was reflected in the interior. The panels and the station cover the semi-transparent vaults resembling wagon sections and provide a bright environment. In order to prevent the effect of radiation, lanterns and internal moving metal blinds have been proposed for natural ventilation.

It was tried to reach simple and stable solutions with the architectural structures that have modern and global characteristics, limited budget of the project and the conditions of our country.

Ankara Bursa high speed train project has two stages:

The length of the Bandırma-Bursa stage is 90, while the distance between Bursa and Osmaneli is 95.

Bursa-Yenişehir section will be 54 kilometers and Yenişehir-Osmaneli stage will be 41 kilometers.

At the first stage, 41-116 will take place between kilometers. This means that the first stage will start from Yenişehir and cross the city center, and the 21 to the west of Bursa will be laid.

It is understood that the stage of the tender will be approached to Bandirma by 75 and almost half of this road will be built.

For detailed information:  Archive - M. Turhan Kayasü


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