Antalya trolley is experiencing density

The new transportation system almost convicted the citizen to the tram. This situation caused a serious density in the tram. Workers are forced to use the rail system to go to his home, the fish is forced to travel without even breathing in the trolley full of fish. For women, the situation is more difficult. Look how the citizen recently described the difficulties of traveling by tram.

If you ask what this woman summed up with the word "horrible", let's explain it now. With the change of the transportation system, the citizen was condemned to the tram in the most important main transportation route such as Kepez - Dokuma - Kalekapisi - East Garage - Meydan. There was no other option for transportation, but the journey to the tram turned into a row of fish. The citizen who travels on the tram, which cannot be breathed, is angry and in rebellion.

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