Ankaray's Kızılay-Çayyolu Metro tender was held

Institution Name Ministry of Transport General Directorate of Construction Construction - ANKARA Project Name Kızılay-Çayyolu (M2) Metro Construction of remaining construction works Tender Registration No 2011 / 74870 Tender Date 13.12.2011 Tender Type Approximate Cost Between Certain Bidders 198.511.016,98 [more…]


Ankaray Batıkent-Sincan line tender was held

Name of the Institution: DLH Construction General Directorate - ANKARA Name of the Work: Batıkent-Sincan (M3) Metro Remaining Civil Works Construction Work Tender Registration Number: 2011/74874 Tender Date: 12.12.2011 Tender Type: Approximate Cost among certain bidders: 170.294.915,24, XNUMX TL Limit [more…]

16 Bursa

This is the exact solution for Bursa!

While managing Bursa, deki Against the problems, ”is the definitive solution or the one that is dressing? A, the answer to this question and the step in this direction are important. Advanced and branded cities provide full solutions to mass transportation through rail system. In the former Soviet countries [more…]

53 Rize

Unreasonable death in the cable car

In Rize's Çaykent town, Köksal Kaymaz's jacket, 70, got caught in the primitive cable car that suddenly moved while loading loads. Kaytaz, who moved in this way for a while, lost his life as a result of his jacket being torn. Living in Kireçhane Village of Çaykent Town [more…]