Bursaray 0nd Stage Labor Line with 2 cost is put into service on 15.12.2011

Bursaray Route Map and Stations
Bursaray Route Map and Stations

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, they began to collect the fruit of their investments in rail systems, 2009 131 thousand in the number of daily passengers at Bursayının reached 181 thousand, he said. Expressing that interest in Bursaray is increasing every day, President Altepe stressed that the rate of use of Bursaray at 23 is 38.

Hasan Alturk Boztürk, who was broadcast on AS TV, presented to the 'Satirbasi' program, hosted the President Altepe, rail system investments made statements. Noting that the railroads and public transport are inevitable in order to ensure the uninterrupted access of the masses in cities with a population exceeding million, President Altepe emphasized that the residents of Bursa started to show more interest to the rail system day by day.

Use rate increased by 15 percent

Expressing that the capacity utilization rate of Bursaray is increasing every passing day, President Altepe said that 2009 is the average number of passengers per day in 131. President Altepe, 2010 this figure in the 143 thousand expressed, ederek As of today, the number of passengers per day reached 181 thousand. In other words, when we took office, the rate of usage in 23s increased to 38s and this number is increasing day by day. Yani

Services depart

Public institutions and organizations should receive approval from the municipality each year for the service tender, and the rail system network expansion due to the approval of anyone indicating that the President Altepe, nearly 4 500 staff at the service to the service camp, which will be removed from the beginning of the year, he said. Altepe stated that the staff at the university would also provide transportation to Bursaray by then, ın Besides, we are opening the Labor line in December in 15. The line goes up to the front of the Renault factory. In this way, our companies in the Organized industrial zone will not need to carry workers with the service. They will also turn to the rail system. We continue our meetings with our companies and companies. We will give companies monthly cards for workers. In this way, both the capacity of the burden of scholarship, while the traffic load in the region will be significantly reduced, "he said.

President Altepe, who stated that the transition to the collective card continued in the scholarship, added that the costs of the citizens who took the monthly card will be reduced to the 50-60 penny and that the public transportation and transportation expenses of the citizen will be minimized.

We do not invest for pleasure

Altepe stated that the only goal of the public service is the happiness of the people, and that they invested in an annual 250 million TL transportation. Expressing that Bursa currently has a rail system line of 1,5 billion TL, President Altepe said: milyar If there is no such need, why should we make these investments? We do not invest for pleasure. I wish he could do it a private sector. When we invest so much, we don't have a goal to profit. Self-rotation of the system is enough for us. The only reason we invest such a large investment is the public good and the happiness of our people. Bu

1 tram 100 taxi fare

Underlining that the works for directing the urban tram lines are under way, Mayor Altepe said that these works are carried out entirely by the experts and companies in the field. Dr. 30 in the world on the capital's transport planning. Noting that they are working with Brenner, President Altepe said, Alt We will build a garage-sculpture tram line. Dr. Brenner company also provides us with information on which routes should be created when this line is installed, and how many passengers from these regions can reach this line. Today, the 250 passenger with a tram to the statue to go, mean 2,5 passenger 100 taxi taxi to the statue is going out. In other words, the traffic density will be significantly reduced by tram and the traffic noise and exhaust gas pollution will be eliminated thanks to the electrically operated trams. Traffic-free, pedestrian roads, parks, squares will be a contemporary city center,, he said.

80 million TL in our cash register

The tender made in the election period Görükle line by making rational changes, will cost approximately £ 80 million labor line that they have completed without spending any money Altepe President, this money is the coffers of the municipality, he stressed. He added that there were some inaccuracies and unapproved additions in the project, which was announced. Dile We determined that these unnecessary additions should be removed and more lines should be made with this money. The cost of the 6,5 mileage is 250 million TL. Our additional 2,5 mileage is about 80 million TL. In other words, we had to pay 80 million TL to finish the Labor line. This money was in our accident. In addition, the last stop of the Görükle line was on the eastern side of the Emergency Room. We have extended the emergency service forward. It was this university senate's request to secure access to the campus. In addition, this change paved the way for extending the line to Görükle in the future. Otherwise, the last stop would be among the buildings, Aksi he said.

Stating that taxi cabins will be removed and converted into a taxi, Mayor Altepe emphasized that the number of taxis working in today should be 2 in Bursa.

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