Surprise in transportation ulaşım The sculpture extends from the tramway to Kanalboyu and the transportation to Merinos becomes easier.

In fact,-Sculpture-İnönü Street-Uluyol-Kent Square-Çarşamba Pazarı-İpekiş-Stadium-Altıparmak-Çatalfırın-Çakırhamam-Heykel tram line project and technical infrastructure were prepared. It is planned to start in the second half of this year.
The first surprise is the development of the tram at the same time as the main station, where the maintenance center is thought to be.
At the bottom of the Wednesday Market, which the Metropolitan Municipality considers to be a care center, Osmangazi Municipality has planned and implemented its own projects for the corner of the area where the old Merinos lodgings were located.
A new maintenance center for the tram was being sought, this time focusing on the distribution of passenger density in the city center and, accordingly, facilitating access to the new cultural center of Merinos.
Finally Sonunda
6-kilometer-long Sculpture-İnönü Street-Uluyol-Kent Square-Wednesday Market-İpekiş-Stadium-Altıparmak-Çatalfırın-Çakırhamam-Sculpture tramway route, the extension of the 3 to reach Merinos, including the transportation to Merino was decided to go down.
According to this…
When you arrive at Ipekis, which passes through the City Square and the Carsamba Market, you will head down to Ipekis with a single line and go down to Kanalboyu in front of Merinos and take you to the nearby Ring Road.
With the Merinos exhibition and conference halls, Atatürk Congress Culture Center will be accessible from the city center and the population with high population density will be easily accessible.
Amendment ...
Sculpture-City Square, the main axis of the tram, which will make the ring between Ipekis-Kanalboyu section will go on a single line.
The maintenance center of the tram will also be made from the Near Ring Road to the Kanalboyu entrance.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz


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