Turkey Transport Infrastructure 2011 Conference 2. day

Turkey Transport Infrastructure 2011 Conference 2. day

08: 45 Emergency Talk
Transportation Projects Financing Resources

Chairperson: Gurcan Ozan, Head of Bilateral and Multilateral Relations, TUBITAK
09: 00 Research and Development of Transport Infrastructure Investment Projects in Turkey

Review of S&T strategies in the first 5 years (2005-2010) and the second 5 years (2011-2016)
Transport is one of the largest sectors in Turkey, the transportation industry stakeholders as well as research and development and TUBITAK's contribution, providing scholarships in R & D programs of major institutions as HIS
European Union 7. examining international programs that enable cooperation in the transport sector, such as the framework program
Evaluation of the performance of different kinds of transport in Turkey

Gurcan Ozan
Head of Bilateral and Multilateral Relations
09: 30 Financing of Transportation Investment Projects: A project financed by International Financial Institutions

Discussion of eligibility criteria
Presentation of projects that have received funds
Review of the selection process

Stefan Enzelberger
Consultant for Transport Finance and Public-Private Partnerships
10: Borusan Makina in 00 Transportation Infrastructure

General Information About Borusan Makina
Asphalt Industry Borusan Makina
Asphalt Line

Samim Volkan Oncel
Asphalt Section
BORUSAN Machinery
10: 30 Morning service and meeting and meeting facilities for participants
Transportation infrastructure projects of our cities
10: 50 Istanbul Transportation

Analysis of a 23 million city with a population larger than the population of 13 in Europe
Presentation of the need for capacity to meet daily urban journeys reaching 23 million
The effect of geographical constraints on high capacity transport infrastructure projects such as the hilly topographic structure of the city and the transition between continents by only two bridges

Dursun Balcıoğlu
Head of Transportation Department
The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
11: 10 Eskişehir's Development and Transportation Infrastructure

Presentation of transportation infrastructure projects in and around Eskişehir
The effects of growing transportation network on the city
Transportation infrastructure and logistics planning

Erhan Enbatan
General Director of Tram Operations
Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality
11: 30 Assessment of freight traffic data in the Transportation Master Plan; Kocaeli Logistics Studies and Strategic Planning

Kocaeli, Turkey's most important industry of National and International Road, Rail, Sea and close assessment of the position as an important transit point of intersection and the future of air transport
Kocaeli Logistics Study and Strategic Planning study to be integrated into the 2025 Kocaeli Transportation Master Plan, in which detailed information about the movements of the city is examined in detail.
With this study, determining the future logistics movements and revising the Transportation Master Plan with these data and planning transportation investments

Contact Abdulmuttalip directly
Head of Transportation
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality
11: 50 Gaziray Commuter Line Project

Gaziantep sehrirun ulastrima priorities
GaziRay Suburban Hatti

View Hasan's Full Profile
Transportation Planning and Rail System
Gaziantep Buyukyehir Municipality
12: 10 Comparison of different types of infrastructure projects with examples

Examples of infrastructure projects of geographic cities in Central Anatolia
Examining the strengths and weaknesses of the projects
Consideration of city planning and expansion in transportation projects

Dr. Gulpinar Akbulut
Inonu University
12: 30 Lunch break and meeting and meeting facilities
Review of the Planning Process of Transport Infrastructure Projects
13: 30 The Commitment of Corporate Social Responsibility in Transportation

The effects of the big transport structures on the environment and social structure
The permanence of the temporary, natural and social environment of those who invest and make investments
Corporate Social Responsibility

Doc. Dr. Ismail Sahin
President of the Institute of Transport
Yildiz Technical University
14: 00 Transportation Strategy Planning

the revision of the strategy followed so far in determining Turkey's existing transportation network
Analysis of international strategies
Turkey's Transportation Master Plan is a primary factor to draw conclusions

Professor Dr. Gungor Universe
Faculty Member
Okan University
14: 30 Human-Focused Cities

A human-centered view of the survivable course
Environmental impacts, as well as road, safety, social justice and quality of life
Effects on infrastructure planning

Sibel Bulay
Surdurable Transport Center-EMBARQ
15: 00 Afternoon catering and meeting facilities for participants
15: 30 Evaluation of earthquake analysis for transport infrastructure projects

Earthquake specifications and earthquake hazard maps related to Transport Infrastructures
Performance-based design considerations
Earthquake insulation, structural behavior control and earthquake early warning

Professor Dr. Contact Mustafa directly
Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Center
16: 00 Istanbul's Logistics Planning

Evaluating the scope and results of the research model
Logistics planning process
City logistics

Dr. Contact Metin directly
Transportation Planning Consultant
The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
16: 30 Panel: Analyzing the role of transport infrastructure and planning to establish a well-connected intermodal network

Dr. View Güvenç's Full Profile
Sabancı University

Mete Tirman
General manager

Onur uysal
Railways Logistics Department Manager
Omsan Lojistik AS

Zeina Nazer
General manager
Innova Consulting Ltd.

(Other speakers are also expected.)
17: 30 President's closing comments

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