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Following the initiative of In Made In Turkey Otomotiv in automotive industry, In Made In Turkey çalış activities in lı Rail Systems or are accelerating. MUSIAD Machinery Industry Consultation Meeting of Board of Turkey Istanbul Transportation Co. General Manager Ömer Yıldız, Advisor to the Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Taha Aydın, General Secretary of the Rail Transportation Systems Association Ahmet Gök, Durmazlar Hüseyin Durmaz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holding and Cavit Yıldız, General Coordinator of the HACO Group of Companies, attended the meeting as a speaker.

Representatives of Turkish Machinery Sector X Domestic Production in Urban Rail Systems i 19 Kasım 2011 was discussed on Saturday in Bursa. Independent Industrialists 'and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) consultation carried out under the leadership of Turkey Machinery Industry Committee Consultative Meeting Uludag Exporters' Union (UIB) was held at the conference hall.

Cities are giving importance to rail system Şehir. Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe also pointing out that Turkey's domestic production making power, "the fat and sugar have. It is time to make halva, Artık he said.
The subject of domestic production in urban rail system was discussed in Bursa. Speaking at the meeting held in Uludağ Exporters' Association Meeting Hall, Hasan Çepni, speaking at the meeting in the business world, stated that the symposium to draw attention to domestic production was an important step and added, ın These are the subjects that our ancestors have achieved in the past. In this country, 100 is living in the land where thousands of kilometers of rail is laid years ago. As the descendants of this ancestor, local production will be replaced by this rail system. Bu


Advisor to the Minister of Transport Ministry Samir Kabashi, the Ministry of Transport 2010, 2023 and inventor of dollars 2035 railways in 45 vision billion, said it would be of significant investments, "the Ministry of Transportation, state policy as domestic investment yapıyor.türkiye of the railways and outside the railways is a transport indispensable. You can observe all of our investments. Our ministry took the initiative in urban subway investments. This means that from now on we will use rail systems more widely in urban transport of our cities.

Looking at our Ministry's 2010, 2023 and 2035 visions, 45 plans to invest heavily into XNUMX billion dollars to support railways, transportation and logistics. We want to reach the target in the size of the possibilities to weave with railroad networks all over our country. Highways transportation has taken heavy responsibility for our country. However, it is not the preferred method in the developing world. We need a balanced transport.

It is inevitable to use all means of transportation as necessary. We have to use the railway in freight and passenger transportation. It is obvious that our world is so polluted that it no longer carries. Emissions need to be reduced. The whole world is calling now. As the most appropriate method for this, railway and maritime transportation has become a necessity. In our logistics operations, our manufacturers need heavy rail transportation. Because in terms of costs, the rail is a preferable method. In this sense, our railways serve to our industrial regions by lines. Carriage by rail is cheaper. It supports the industry with low costs reflected on the product. As our railroads evolve. Our industrialists will be able to supply their products to the world with more affordable costs and this investment will become widespread. San

Rector of Bursa Technical University Dr. Ali Sürmen stated that the political will is not enough for the investments to be taken and stated that SIGs have a big role in this matter.


Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Turkey, stating that until now the effective use of rail, "Our Bursa, a city of industry and production. The subject of our agenda is to create our own brand and designs and to guide the future in this direction. We want the realization of our industry. We wish to eliminate deficiencies. We have possibilities now. It's time for the move. We need to get a lot of space in a little while. There are all brands in Bursa. World Bursa wants to do business with. We desire to produce domestic brands. In this regard, rail systems will take the lead. Local governments are very important now. This century is the century of local governments. Cities are racing now. The local authorities are the management who know the best of the city and who need to highlight it. We are no longer discriminating because it is our duty. If we have a step to take, we are willing to move this city forward gereken.


Expressing that rail systems are on the agenda in cities with a population of more than one thousand 300, Altepe said that 70 is spent on transportation to the municipal budget. Altepe said that each of the subway wagons coming from abroad is 8 million TL, and that local production wagons should decorate the streets. Altepe, “This is a fact now. Transportation by road is somewhere. There is congestion in urban traffic. Currently, per capita rail system exists in Bursa. Bursa is built with iron nets. Our biggest source goes to this. Percent 70 goes into transport. 1 wagon 8 million TL (8 trillion) is going abroad. We must produce local brands. There are also big problems in the tenders on this subject. I've never heard of tender without question. Some cabinets can turn. They work worldwide. Turkey has also reviled infrastructure in production. Flour, fat and sugar. We make halva. This is the future of the world. Growing cities use them. Turkey should be top on this issue. Bursa, Durmazlar He made a nice point with his cooperation. Our goal is to produce our own brands. First of all, our first vehicle is finished in the rail system. Now as soon as this been registered vehicles in Turkey and in Europe with our brand, we wish our car ride. Short distance from a nice distance. We will win in every way to achieve the goal. We can produce wagons from outside wagons at 5 with the cost to be reduced to 1. Everyone should contribute to this work ”.


AK Party Bursa deputy leader Matlin, noting that the economic success with political stability in Turkey is a model country in the world, "the number of cars per thousand persons in Turkey 100. In Europe, this rate is 500. The world average is 150. In spite of the low automobile ownership rate, we should use alternative transportation in the coming years in case the traffic problem is discussed. The rail system is important, Ray he said.

Following the opening speeches, 'Domestic production in urban transport' symposium, Istanbul Transportation Inc. General Manager Omer Yildiz, Mayor Advisor Taha Aydin, Rail Transportation Systems Association Secretary General Ahmet Gok, Durmazlar Holding Chairman Hüseyin Durmaz and HACO Group General Coordinator Cavil Yıldız made a presentation. Deputy Governor Ahmet Hamdi Usta and industrialists participated in the program.

Source: Olay News


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