High-speed train route is changing, Osmaneli is given up'n New route returned to Bilecik

The budget of the Ministry of Transportation was discussed in the Plan Budget Commission in the Parliament. Ları AK Party Bursa Deputy Hüseyin Şahin, a member of the Commission, asked the General Director of the GDY Süleyman Karaman for the discussion of the budget of the Railways:
Iyor Mr. General Manager… Bursa is waiting for the high speed train. A tender was held for the Bursa-Yenişehir stage, and after a long period of time the result was approved. Now, when the people of Bursa are waiting eagerly, when will construction begin? Şimdi
Then Karaman replied:
Dik We completed our review, we made our decision. We have announced the result of the tender, but the objections of the firms that have not won still continue. İhale
He stressed:
“We do not consider objections. However, the Public Procurement Authority is also challenged. If the JCC takes these into consideration, the process starts again and is very long. K
He added:
Iyor Business is big ler So firms are chasing and losers don't give up. But if the JCC does not consider the objections, the construction will begin immediately, and the 3 will finish in the year. Ama
At this point…
DDY General Manager Süleyman Karaman gave a new information. More precisely, he gave a preliminary to a new development:
Lam As we prepared the project, we planned to connect the Bursa High Speed ​​Train from Osmaneli to the Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train line. But now we are taking the route again and we are considering new alternatives in terms of both transportation time and cost. Fakat
He explained the new route:
. We are working on the project to connect the line to Bilecik instead of Osmaneli. Thus, the train coming from Bursa will enter Istanbul-Ankara line earlier. Both time will be shortened and cost will decrease. Hem

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz



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