Alstom Receives Tender for Signalization Between Eskişehir and Balıkesir

📩 17/11/2011 15:30

89 million Euro signaling signature from Alstom!

Alstom signs 89 Million Euro contract to supply izasyon Atlas TC ERTMS / ETCS signaling solutions for Eskişehir-Balıkesir line modernization

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Alstom'l a contract to supply signaling and telecommunication systems on the lines connecting Balıkesir and Eskişehir. This 328-km rail link also serves Kütahya.

The contract amounts to around € 89 million, and the European Railway Traffic Management System and the European Train Control System (ERTMS / ETCS) 1 tried by Alstom. and 2. The design, manufacture and supply of the atı ATLAS tasarım signaling system, the entegre Smartlock man electronic interlocking and the integrated control center Iconis equipment. Alstom will also provide level crossing systems and technical equipment structures as well as distribution and uninterruptible power supply systems. ERTMS / ETCS on-board hardware and the Automatic Train Stop (ATS) busbar systems will also be installed on the 27 TCDD locomotive.

Modernization and hardware work is expected to last for 36 months. Atlas equipment will be produced at Alstom's Villeurbanne facilities in France. The newly equipped system will be commissioned in November 2014.

This new signaling system will enable TCDD to manage rail services between Eskişehir and Balıkesir effectively and continuously. The system will increase the capacity of the line by increasing the average speed of TCDD trains to 160 km / h and improving its safety.

Alstom employees in Turkey, with the support of Alstom signaling expertise centers of the TCDD investment program for the modernization of the conventional rail lines will continue to contribute towards the realization. Alstom's establishment of ”ATLAS“ ERTMS / ETCS solution to Eskişehir - Balıkesir line; It demonstrates another step towards the homogeneity of the Eurasian railway market, which will facilitate border crossings, increase the operating capacity of lines, maximize traffic safety and reduce transport time.

Alstom Transport's “Atlas un ERTMS Solutions

This new contract strengthens Alstom Transport's pioneering position in operational deployment of joint operability in Europe. Alstom ERTMS Level 2-Compatible field equipment projects have a market share of% 63. Atlas has proven itself in the commercial service with more than 1.100 trains and 40 kilometers traveled by more than a million miles. Atlas solutions are used in every 2 train running under ERTMS Level 10 in Europe. Alstom is currently the first multi-speed line equipped with the Level 8 ERTMS system, Italy's Roman-Naples line, the largest fleet of the fleet used by Switzerland's Mattstetten-Rothrist line and part of the Aisle C 2 is working on more than 9 ERTMS projects in Europe.

Today, more than 1.200 from the 900 delivered train is in commercial service with Alstom ERTMS / ETCS systems. The train on 1.500 will be in service for the next few years.

Alstom Smartlock solutions

Smartlock contributes to the safety of railway traffic. This solution enables infrastructure managers to monitor their operations with effective control, complete security and maximum return. Since 1997, the 2006 computerized interlocking control unit, including the largest unit in Europe, delivered to Strasbourg in 17, has been delivered to France's national railway company (RFF). One of the first edil super-integrated ”centers of Europe in May 2009 was delivered to Bologna in Italy. The center manages the infrastructure of the 8 line, the 29 train station, the 600 signal, the 300 scissor motor, the 1.400 main road and the 1.700 maneuver path.

Alstom in Turkey

Alstom's activities in Turkey began in the 1950. Trade, engineering, service and manufacturing space of approximately 1200 workers employed by Alstom makes an important contribution to Turkey's economy, energy and rail transport infrastructure is one of Turkey's leading companies in the field.

Alstom, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) has supplied locomotives to 436. Alstom has built the city's first subway line (Taksim-10.Levent) in Istanbul, where 4 has been supporting the development of city transportation for more than a decade, and has supplied the Metropolis vehicles in commercial operation since 2000. Today, in addition to the existing Citadis trams, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), Istanbul Transportation Inc., with the participation of the new Bağcılar - (Kirazlı) - İkitelli - Olympic Village line in the construction phase, ordered in August 2007. 20 Metropolis has initiated the temporary acceptance of the subway series.

Power generation and Alston capable of managing turnkey projects in transmission areas I, along with Ataturk Dam, the largest hydroelectric plant in the country has provided basic equipment for 55% of Turkey's installed power generation capacity and approximately% at the same time installation of manufacturing transmission of TEİAŞ 50 has also provided. Alstom Grid factory in Gebze, is the 85% of its production is exported, the most important national companies ranking in Turkey 500 always located in the first 100.

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