Kars Logistics Center Project Construction Tender

Kars Logistics Center carries great importance
Kars Logistics Center carries great importance

Kars Logistics Center Project Construction Tender: Officials of the Ministry of Transport went to see the location of the project. The logistics center will be established at the Mezra stop on an area of ​​324 thousand square meters. In Kars Logistics Center; 8 railway lines reaching the warehouse area, 5 railway lines in the bonded area, 9 warehouse warehouses (148.752 square meter area), entrance security building, customs administration building, customs consultants building, catenary and posotosu building, logistics companies building, logistics center administration building , guesthouse, signalization and electrification control center, heat center water tank, mosque, general kitchen, fire station, land vehicles maintenance, health center, signalization and electrification building, social facilities (restaurant and shopping mall), driver rest facility, TCDD administration building, TCDD dining hall, Turkish bath, fuel station will be located.

Kars Logistics Center Load Capacity: 35 Million Tons

The total length of the railway line up to 840 kilometers has been completed. 30 October 2017 is expected to transport 6,5 million tons of cargo via the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line, which was opened in October.

In the medium term, the load to pass through the Demir Silk Road is expected to increase to 35 million tons. In addition to all these, which will be held in Turkey's eastern and western rail line, it will serve a total 1 million passengers. Kars Logistics Center also undertakes maintenance and repair works in case of failure of passenger and freight trains.

Kars Logistics Center Facilities

  • 600 m2 Logistics Headquarters Building
  • 800 m2 Lodging Building
  • 600 m2 Traffic Facilities Building
  • 1.600 m2 Water Storage
  • 600 m2 Maintenance and Repair Department
  • 800 m2 Material Warehouses
  • Technical Buildings of 400 m2
  • Road Machinery Garage: 1.300 m2
  • 7.000 m2 Locomotive and Wagon Maintenance and Repair Workshop

Map of Turkey Logistics Centers




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