Bursa Nostalgic Tram is the symbol of the Republic Street

📩 24/11/2018 11:33

Cumhuriyet Street, which passes through the hearts of historical bazaars and inns, becomes the showcase of Bursa with Nostalgic tram project. Starting from Gökdere Meydancık Bridge and following YeniCumhuriyet Caddesi and Cumhuriyet Street, the nostalgic tram line of 1,5, which will reach the Zafer Plaza from the middle of the Historic Hanlar Area, has reached the stage. The tramways will be closed to the vehicle traffic, the street will be converted into a pedestrian axle from the height of the street as well as to be applied to the facade healthization system will become a region of attraction.

As the efforts to enter the Bazaar and the Hanlar Region into the UNESCO World List, the nostalgic tram project will add value to the region. With the project that will resemble the Istiklal Street model in Istanbul, the commercial habits in the region will also change. With the transfer of wholesalers to other regions, Cumhuriyet Street will be an important center with day and night work. Within the scope of the studies, the facade arrangement of the Republican Palace will be made and the street will be made worthy of Bursa.

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