Statement from İZBAN General Manager Sert

Statement from İZBAN General Manager Sert

Selçuk Sert, General Manager of İZBAN A.Ş., stated that they detected that an employee who was not authorized to use the train was using the train for a short time and that the two officers had terminated their jobs.

Selçuk Sert, in a statement regarding the news that "a color-blind officer is a mechanic", said that 85 engineers working at İZBAN used 17 trains and that there was no problem in this sense.

Machinistlerin very strict training, assessment and health screening, passed through this process, the mechanic, who can not pass the station stating that the hard, Hard, said:

. There are two main rules that we don't compromise. Alcoholic and who do not have a certificate can not drive. We found that an unauthorized person was using the train for a short time. This officer, who is still working in the station and participating in the process of machine training, was not successful on the grounds that the sensitivity of the lights in health screening was not sufficient. That doesn't mean it's color blind. We ended the work of the mechanic and the station official who gave the vehicle control to the person on the incident. Olay

Hard, advanced electronic security systems in the train, as alleged that a dangerous situation did not occur.

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