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Scholarships Aruba
Scholarships Aruba

8 July 1998 laid the foundation of the BursaRay Light Rail Transport System 23 April 2002 'began to carry scheduled passengers. The project started in 1995 in feasibility studies, I met while working with Siemens AG during the construction of the AnkaRay System. The system, which was designed as a tram at that time, was changed in 1997 based on the light rail concept. The driver switched from open traffic to full safety closed traffic system. With the transition to more advanced systems related to signaling and communication, a project in accordance with the latest technology was made in those years.

All passengers who had to use BursaRay in the summer months, complained of lack of air conditioning. Passengers who are wet even from the seats they sit in are traveling with the ki BursaRay Sauna Expedition R. If you want to slimming and sweat, I recommend you use BursaRay in the summer! In fact, the steps of air conditioning were taken by the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa and the old vehicles were announced to install air conditioning. There are already air conditioners in the new vehicles. I hope that the new B80 vehicles will be installed in the air conditioner before the introduction of new vehicles. I will be attending InnoTrans 2010 fair in Germany. After reviewing the developments in air conditioning, I am planning to write a detailed article about this subject.
In fact, BursaRay is a project that can solve the public transportation problem of Bursa, but with the right route selection and the correct replacement of the system! Although the main problem in the currently used system seems to be the air conditioning system, there are different problems beyond that!

BursaRay, designed according to the last system about 15 years ago, is a technologically e shelved Yaklaşık system. Developments in the field of informatics, wireless communication and fiber technology are the main reasons for this. Although communication, signaling and SCADA systems are functionally sufficient for the current system, they are insufficient to support new units to be added to the system. In the event of any addition to the system, you have to dispose of the old system. This is of course true in BursaRay. The hardest part of the job is to integrate the new system without halting a running system. You have to protect the old habits, and you need to offer technological innovations to the public. Photos of r.nayx in Instagram Account XReam. Construction Center and TEWET, which are the members of the contractors' association, are waiting for a difficult integration process. I am confident that the companies that are experts in their fields will provide the most comfortable public transportation to the people of Bursa. Modern stations and today's technology is less than you'll meet Modern

The maximum speed of 80 km / h in BursaRay is between the Small Industry - Uludag University if the route to the maximum operating speed 50 km / h. The reason for this is Altınşehir, Ertuğrul and sharp curves in the line passing through Özlü. In other words, trains have to go more slowly on the west line. The operating speed does not decrease in the extension on the road to Mudanya, but there is a line line of about 350 m, which will never be used at the end of the Labor Station. I wish one more line by connecting BursaRay to the newly opened ring road! Underground stations could be made at a station by saving some money. Thus, by the north, the Gate would be a little closer.

BursaRay, which is used more on the east side, will extend to Kestel road. Approximately 8,5 km planned for this line as soon as the appropriate credit can be made. Already on the road to Ankara "bat-gid" s were built on this basis. When the minimum 2-3 year-long Kestel line is completed, the line length will be approximately 40 km. There will also be new trains to accommodate the number of passengers that will form even after the 4-5 year. This is a new train auction! So you need to get at least 200.000.000 Euro loan of the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa.

The route is very convenient for a new route to the Istanbul Road, intercity bus terminal. With a connection to Osmangazi Station, a new line of 8 km will be a solution to the traffic of Istanbul which is one of the main alterations of the city. The shopping centers on the road, Buttim and the Organized Industrial Zone should not be forgotten. I hope to make a study on the subject in a short time.

For the light rail system in the 4 direction from the city center, the right paths will now be connected to these 4 directional systems in half-circles. (It is impossible to make a complete circle due to Uludağ). In other words, the outer peninsula to be built between the University and Labor or the internal peninsula that will be held between FSM and Esentepe. In the same way, between Kestel and Terminal, Terminal to Labor ram Thus, traffic in the city center will be reduced, passengers will be able to go to their destination more quickly and easily without stopping at the center. Trains can be operated more easily.

Let us come to the most important part: the West (Izmir road), north (Mudanya road), east (Ankara road) and Istanbul way we talked about. Let's assume that BursaRay has expanded all these aspects until 2015. Adequate train purchases were also made. What about the post! METRO, ie longer station ranges, larger and faster trains. For example, a metro system from Mustafakemalpaşa to BursaRay's University Station or the Ankara - Bursa high-speed train link to Kestel R

In short, we need to work more çooook!

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