Second Procrastination for Bursa-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Foundation

Bursa's waiting for the high-speed train before, due to the objection of a firm that can not get the qualification certificate was delayed. Now also brought the second delay to appeal to the tender. This development, postponed the basic assignment planned after the feast. Now, the eyes, the Public Procurement Authority review the objection,

Bursa wanted railway for many years and waited. In fact, the CHP deputy Kemal Demirel, who was on the train, witnessed each of the original train actions.

The ruling parties of every period gave great promises. The most binding words, the AK Party during the period of the group vice president, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the State Ministry Faruk Celik during the period came.
It was again Steel that fulfilled its promise.

For years, waiting for the construction of the Bandırma-Bursa-Osmaneli line, while waiting to connect to Ankara-Istanbul line from Bilecik to Bursa Ankara-Bursa High Speed ​​Train came to the gospel.


The project and all its stages have not yet been finalized, but the speed of the fast train has raised the expectation of Bursa.

At that stage O

22, who applied to the General Directorate of State Railways who prepared the tender, gave 8 a qualification from the contractor group and the partnership. According to the plan, the tender 22 will be held in April, and in mid-May Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will come and lay the foundation.


The first delay in the news that excited Bursa came at the qualification stage. One of the companies that did not qualify DDY'nin objected.

The Ethics Committee also examined the objection for a long time. The tender could not be made on the planned date, so the foundation could not be taken.
At the end of the examination, the objection was justified, this time the 1 tender took place in August with the participation of the 9 group.

In the tender ...

The lowest price for the construction of the 75 kilometer Bursa-Yenişehir line was given by YSE Yapı-Tepe Construction partnership with 393 million pounds.

After that…

Suleyman Karaman, General Director of GDY, met with AK Party Bursa deputy Mustafa Kemal Şerbetçioğlu said:
The foundation of the high-speed train will be laid.


After the Ankara-Konya High Speed ​​Train started to carry passengers, we needed to ask our speed train once again.
Apparently ...

1 YSE Construction-Tepe Construction partnership in August with the best bid of 393 million pounds, 469.6 million pounds in the second best bid, the owner of the Societa Italiano Percondatte Spa-Kolin partnership and 512 million pounds in the third best bid

Construction Center Construction has objected.


Our fast train is the second delay in the tender stage.

The appeal is currently being reviewed by the Public Procurement Authority. It is not known what kind of decision will be made, but even this development, as planned, eliminates the idea of ​​taking the foundation right after the feast.

Source: Olay Newspaper - Ahmet Emin Yılmaz


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