Aysın Komitgan: Signature of Bursaray from Bursa - Öztimurlar

Bursaray has signed the Bursa contract for the eastern stage tender.

4 April 2011 was represented at the Support Services Department of the Metropolitan Municipality of Acemler.

In addition to the domestic companies, foreign companies also participated in the tender, the cost of which was 106 million 309 thousand 532 TL. by E + M Elektrik Ltd. Sti. , 68 million 517 bin 281 TL offers the lowest bid with the price. The 16 was awarded by GCF Generale Costruzioni, an Italian company with the 12 million 111 thousand 672 TL.

The tender was concluded.

With the decision of the commission, the contractor was announced.

There is a proud place on behalf of the city.
Öztimurlar company, which has so far been appreciated with the correct works it has done to Bursa, eliminated its competitors.

12 also had international firms.
It is really important and special that it stands out among them and wins…
When we heard the subject, we asked Mehmet Öztimur and he said that he had learned that they won the tender by the decision of the commission.

He was very happy…

He was proud of competing with international construction firms and excluding them.
The tender commission head of Bursaray East Mustafa Mustafa said that the company that won the tender was the Öztimurlar construction company.

Legal notice was sent to other 11 companies.

If the 10 daily appeal process is not objected to, Öztimurlar construction company will be the company that will construct the eastern stage construction and will start to work.

BursaRay East phase will be 8 kilometers long, 7 station and within the scope of the project, the Esenevler location will be built by the Metropolitan Municipality.

The extension works of the 3 bridge will be constructed by the Regional Directorate of Highways.
It is an honor to see Bursa's signature in Bursaray construction tenders after the wagon construction…

We hope…

Öztimurlar construction company completes the construction successfully and in time!

Source: New Axis



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