Fierce Work Continues in the Construction of the High Speed ​​​​Train Line

Current TCDD High Speed ​​​​Train Map and Timetable
Current TCDD High Speed ​​​​Train Map and Timetable

1,5 thousand 2013 people are working non-stop to reach the end of 2 on the line, which will reduce the distance between Eskişehir and Istanbul to 95 hours. Zaman watched the works between Eskişehir and Istanbul, the second stage of the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​​​Train line, on site. Ankara-Eskişehir line was opened in 2009. The tunnel digging works of the second phase have also come to an end. Giant tunnels of tens of kilometers are opened at the foot of the Köroğlu and Türkmen Mountains. All of these tunnels will be completed within a year, and the rail laying and electrification phases will begin. Tunneling works are completely undertaken by Turkish companies. In the second stage, foreign companies will also be involved in the Sino-Turkish partnership consortium.

When the Ankara-Istanbul high speed train line is completed, uninterrupted passenger and cargo transportation will be carried out in Europe, integrated with Marmaray in Gebze. More than 70 percent of the tunnels and viaducts in İnönü-Köseköy locations between Eskişehir and Sakarya have also been completed. Some tunnels will be opened with special methods on the 154 kilometers long route. The works in the second stage are carried out in two stages as Köseköy-Vezirhan and Vezirhan-İnönü. A total investment of $ 1,7 billion will be made for the second stage of the high speed train.

In the 11 thousand 342 meter section between Köseköy and Vezirhan, 8 thousand 10 meter sections of 960 drilling tunnels were opened. 29 thousand 147 meters of 20 drilling tunnels in the 15 thousand 804 meter section between Vezirhan and İnönü were completed. In total, 40 drilling tunnels, which are 489 thousand 28 meters long, have been completed by 26 thousand 764 meters. While 4 percent of 395 viaducts with a total length of 11 meters between Köseköy and Vezirhan have been completed, 79 percent of 5 viaducts with a total length of 843 meters between Vezirhan and İnönü have been completed. A total of 13 percent of 68 viaducts with a total length of 10 238 meters is over.

YHT will be in Istanbul at the end of 2013

TCDD 2. Railway Construction Group Manager Aşkın Gıcır ​​says that the project between İnönü and Köseköy has been rehabilitated many times. Expressing that the route changes were made due to the double road works carried out by Karayolları in the same area, Gıcır ​​said, “The number of bridges and tunnels increased when the route changed, not like the railway road.” says. Stating that ground reinforcement works have been carried out in many plains between İnönü and Köseköy, Gıcır ​​states that the line will be completed by the end of 2013. The entire line will have a 40,5-kilometer tunnel. Of these, digging operations of 26,7 kilometers have been completed. The viaduct length on the line is around 10,2 kilometers. 74 percent of this was completed.

World record record will be broken

For the tunnel in Bilecik Karaköy location, which is the longest tunnel of the line, which is 26,6 kilometers, a special device called 'Tunnel Boring Machine' (TBM) was produced from Germany. The giant mole weighing 2 thousand tons is one of the largest tunnel boring machines in the world. TBM Site Chief Sertaç Tokcan stated that 20 meters of excavation will be done daily with the machine. Currently, the world record in the tunnels is 380 meters per month. Sertac Tokcan states that they will break the world record by reaching 540 meters per month. As the excavation is carried out, the interior of the tunnel will be covered with specially prepared concrete blocks. CPC will start digging from tomorrow. 135 people will work in double shifts. The tunnel is planned to be completed in 14 months.

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