Tender Notice: Modem, power supply and closed circuit security camera system (CCTV) will be purchased

Modem, power supply and closed circuit security camera system (CCTV) will be purchased

1-SCADA modem reception 2-uninterruptible power supply acquisition work and 3-Zone connected to the station stations and workplaces to be installed Closed-circuit security (CCTV) and IP camera system purchase and establishment of work procurement 4734 No. 19 of the public procurement procedure according to the open procedure will be tender. Detailed Information about the auction can be found down below:
Tender Registration Number: 2011 / 96580
1 of Administration
b) Telephone and fax number: 4222124800 - 4222124816
c) E-mail Address: 5bolgemalzeme@tcdd.gov.tr
ç) The internet address of the tender document (if any): https://ekap.kik.gov.tr/EKAP/

2-The subject of the tender
a) Quality, type and quantity:
Detailed information on the nature, type and quantity of the tender can be found in the administrative specifications contained in the tender document in EKAP (Electronic Public Procurement Platform).
b) Delivery locations: 1-SCADA modem reception work: AVAILABLE in the area of ​​TCDD 5 Regional Directorate; Pınarlı, Şefkat, Uluova, Sallar, Leylek, Çöltepe, Yurt, Çağlar, Turna, Kale and Rahova Stations. 2-Uninterruptible Power Supply Procurement: Malatya Station Directorate, Batman Station Directorate, Hekimhan Gar Conduct, Kapıköy Gar Conduct, Kurtalan Gar Conductor, Battalgazi Station Chief, Muratbağı Station Conductor, Leylek Station Conductor, Geyik Station Conductor and Bismil Station Conductor. 3-Located in the station station and workplace to be installed Closed-circuit security (CCTV) and IP camera system acquisition and installation work: MALATYA (ROAD MACHINES, 52. AND 53. ROAD MAINTENANCE, WAGON MAINTENANCE REPAIR, LOCAL MAINTENANCE, GAR), DOĞANŞEHİR , HEKİMHAN, PAZARCIK, GÖLBAŞI, DİYARBAKIR (GUESTHOUSE, GAR, WAREHOUSE), ERGANİ, BİSMİL, BEŞİRİ, PALU, VAN (WAGON CARE, GAR, WAREHOUSE), KAPIKÖY, KURTALAN (WAGON CARE, GAR), TATVAN (WAGON CARE, LOGISTICS) , GAR, DEPO), ELAZIĞ (GAR, WAREHOUSE), YOUNG, MUS, BATMAN GAR-FIELD AND WORKPLACES.
c) Delivery dates: 1-SCADA modem reception work: The contract will be delivered within 60 calendar days from the date of signature. 2-Uninterruptible Power Supply Procurement: The 45 will be delivered within 3 calendar days from the date of signature of the contract. 60-Receiving and installation of CCTV and IP camera system to be installed in station stations and workplaces connected to our region: The contract will be delivered within XNUMX calendar day from the date of signature.

3- Tender
a) Location: TCDD 5 Regional Office building Meeting room
b) Date and time: 28.07.2011 - 14: 00


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