Tandoğan has sent 16 to the tender of Keçiören metro

In the tender for the infrastructure works of the subway line, 16 companies applied for pre-qualification. In the tender at the General Directorate of Railways, Ports and Airports (DLH) Construction of ANKARA - Ministry of Transport, the envelopes of companies applying for pre-qualification were opened.

Applicant Alsim-Alarko Sanayi Tesisleri ve Ticaret A.Ş, Impresa-Özdoğanlar-Gülsan Joint Venture, Almaty İnşaat-Peker İnşaat Joint Venture, Nurol İnşaat-Moskovskiy İnşaat partnership, Yapı Merkezi İnşaat ve Sanayi A.Ş, Comsa SA-Açilim İş Partnership, Güriş-Yüksel İnşaat-Türkerler Joint Venture, Makyol-Kalyon Construction Consortium, Utay-Kutay-Makro-Orna-Depar Joint Venture, Vianini Lavori-Öztaş İnşaat Joint Venture, Terna A.Ş-Koçoğlu İnşaat Joint Venture, China Major- The files of Mapa İnşaat Joint Venture, Gülermak-Kolin Joint Venture, Romberg-YSE Yapı-Ermit-İntim İnşaat Joint Venture, Sanjose-Fernas Joint Venture, Şenbay Mining-Özgün Yapı Sanayi-Farsel İnşaat-Mürsel İnşaat Joint Venture has been pre-examined.

The Commission will determine the 6 company that will participate in the tender after the detailed review.

Metin Tahan, Deputy Director General of DLH, said that they work very hard both for the transfer of metro lines to the Ministry of Transportation and also for the tendering stage.

Tahan thanked the representatives of the company and stated that a company would win the tender but all the companies were important for them.

According to the specification, the 6 participant will be invited to the second stage of the tender, Tahan said, adding that they will re-evaluate the laws within the framework of the law so that more companies can participate.

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