China questions the safety of high-speed trains

Lack of confidence in public after the accident appeared
Following the high-speed train disaster in Ciciang province in eastern China, the safety of these trains is being questioned by the public.

The Ministry of Railways, where arrows were turned due to the high-speed train accident in China last Saturday, in which 36 people died sözcüSü Vang Yongping said at a press conference that China has advanced high-speed rail technology and they trust it.

Stating that foreigners will also benefit from the compensation rights of those who died in the accident. sözcüAt the press conference, he apologized by standing up and bowing.

Denies that the train accident was caused by a lack of security in the system sözcüHe stated that the high-speed train network in the country is up to date.

The Ministry of Railways announced the dismissal of the 3 official from the Shanghai Railways Administration, while the Ministry of Railways continued to investigate the accident.


It is still unknown if the D3115 train stopped before the crash. Authorities, the first train to stop the second train after the warning does not go.

The first generation in the country, the "D" type high speed trains called "Dong Çı" run an average of 200 kilometers per hour. The "G" type and new generation "Gao Tie" trains can reach speeds of 250-300 kilometers per hour.

After the most serious train accident in China since 2008, concerns about the security of the system have been expressed on internet blogs and local social networks.

A comment in the Global Times newspaper stated that the accident was a "bloody lesson" for the Chinese railway industry, and pointed out that the accident caused questioning of safety in the rapidly expanding high-speed train networks.

Professor Wang Mingguy of Beijing University of Transport, the Global Times said in a statement, the engineer by the wrong process may be the cause of the win.

Wang said that the high-speed trains have an automatic warning system, and when the train is another train in front of the 4, the system gives an alarm and the train is slowed down.

This distance falls to two kilometers to the engineer indicating that the braking warning that the brake, the brake needs to be activated manually, no automatic brake system, in this case, the engineers said the decision should be trusted.

Wang said the accident reflects technological and administrative shortcomings of high-speed trains, but that public trust should not be overthrown by an accident.

In the first investigations of the accident, the result of the power failure, the electronic security system to stop the alarm in case of stopping the result was obtained.

China, which has the world's largest high-speed train network, still continues its efforts to expand the network to remote regions. It is envisaged that the high-speed train network in the country will be increased to 13 thousand kilometers by the end of this year and to 2020 thousand kilometers by 16.

Ministry of Transport officials, after the accident, the local authorities, especially high-speed train networks, called for a comprehensive revision and maintenance.

Authorities stressed that security is the first priority and people have the right to make safe trips.

Pointing out that a large-scale supervision is necessary throughout China, authorities have demanded that all levels of officials be held accountable for these accidents.

41 people were killed after a train accident in the central Hınan province in the central part of the country.

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