Due To Discounts

Citizens who came to Uludağ due to extreme temperatures caused congestion when they wanted to go to the city center with the 5 TL discounted cable car, which is a public day. Citizens showed great interest to the cable car, which transported to Uludağ with the view of Bursa, due to the public day. one [more…]

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China questions the safety of high-speed trains

Lack of trust appeared in the public after the accident After the high-speed train disaster in Ciciang province in the east of China, the safety of these trains is being questioned by the public. High speed train accident in China last Saturday in which 36 people died [more…]

86 China

China's high-speed train crash: 32 dead

In Ciciang province in eastern China, 32 people died and more than 100 were injured as a result of two wagons of the high-speed train derailing and flying over the bridge. D3115 from Hangcou, capital of Ciciang province, to Fucou city in the southeast [more…]

Motorized train from Germany

Our trains

Sir, I told about what happened to my brother Öcal, who made the Izmir-Ankara-Izmir flight by train. Trains delaying 3.5 hours on the way and two hours on the return, normalizing the delay of one and a half hours .. "Come out if you are a man" to my brother who does not serve in the restaurant car and complains. [more…]

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3rd Region Manisa - Salihli Stations Road Renewal Project

The joint venture of Spitzke - Yalco Altyapı İnşaat won the tender with a bid of 4.870.000 TL. Other firms that bid for the tender, whose approximate cost was determined as 5.841.980 TL, are as follows: 1. Denıiryapı İnşaat, 2. Ulusoy Maden, 3. Yapıray Railway Construction

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Ordu Boztepe Documentary (Video)

Ordu Boztepe by Cable Car: The cable car, which has been a topic of discussion in Ordu for a long time and will provide transportation to the city center and Boztepe, which is about 500 meters high, has been put into service. Cable car put into service with a total line length of 2 thousand 350 meters [more…]

Hubner turkey representation

Hübner Representation in Turkey

Hübner Representative in Turkey: Sinan Akok Diegoldjung the Projektagent Inh. Lilian Wolf Jahnstraße 41 34311 Naumburg, Germany Tel. +49 5625 921624 Fax +49 5625 921625 Mobil TR +90 534 6668378 Mobil DE +49 171 3809595 E-mail:

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Marmaray Project progress process videos June 2011

Marmaray is a suburban line improvement project consisting of three sections, the foundations of which were laid in 2004 and under construction, which will connect the European and Asian sides under the Bosphorus. Marmaray is a Eurotunnel-like railway project in the English Channel. Halkalı by Gebze [more…]

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Excitement with Mountain Sled in Ankara Eryamanda…

The Excitement of Ankara Eryamanda Mountain Sleigh… An alternative for those looking for change in Ankara is at Eryaman Göksu Park… Because you are in control, you have the opportunity to stop and watch the view at short intervals. It is possible to ride with children, seat belts are available. The height from the ground is reasonable. First [more…]

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Kadıköy-Kaynarca Metro - Anadoluray M4 line

Kadıköy-Kaynarca Metro or Anadoluray, the first stop on the Anatolian side of Istanbul Kadıköy The last stop is a three-stage metro project with Kaynarca. In the future, it is planned to connect Sabiha Gökçen Airport and M6 line with vertical lines (such as Bostancı-Dudullu). [more…]