A New Breath Comes to the Tradition of Bazaar in Bursa with Nostalgic Tram

Actually adım It is a very important step to turn Cumhuriyet Avenue in the middle of Bursa and at the heart of the bazaar tradition into a pedestrianized area of ​​attraction.
Mayor Recep Altepe took this step that local administrations could not afford easily and intervened in the heart of Bursa.
No doubt Kuş
With the project, the concept of Cumhuriyet Street will change and as a result, the bazaar tradition will revive and a very important center will be formed in the central part of Bursa.
One of the most important details of this project, the nostalgic tram last week rises to the rails reflecting the green of Bursa. He will start voyages from the end of this week.
At this point…
The nostalgicity of the tram should not be caught. Because the word 'nostalgia' in Bursa is not a tram before, but the old age of the commuters between Pirinc Han-Gökdere.
But that is the truth Ama
When the project comes into play in every aspect, it will add a different air and value to Bursa.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz



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