M1 subway between Aksaray Airport will be canceled after M3 Cherry section is activated

Temporary "shuttle" line [M1], which branches from the metro line [M90] between Aksaray Airport at Otogar and makes a trip to Esenler in an average of 1 seconds with a single station, will be canceled when the Cherry section is activated. .

As of today, there is the shuttle bus station “Bus Station-Esenler” every 7-8 minutes (2 services per quarter). In the track, where regular shuttle services are held regularly between the hours of 05:45 and midnight, movement intervals are reduced to 00 minutes in the last 03 hours after 22:00 at night.

In the morning peaks, the “Aksaray-Esenler” long support track is held every 5 and 10 minutes from the Aksaray and Esenler departure points. Thus, an average of 3 minutes of loss of time in the bus station is minimized. Long services are not available in the evening peaks.

The metro station, located just below the Istanbul Bus Station, consists of 3 bands. The middle band is used for the “Esenler” shuttle, and the rails on both ends are reserved for long journeys. If you come from Aksaray direction and get off at the Bus Terminal, if you wait a few minutes on the left middle platform on the left doors, a “Esenler” shuttle set comes to the middle road. You can transfer to this free of charge and reach Esenler in 1.5 minutes. The same is true in the opposite direction, that is, in the direction of the Airport, where you can get off the left doors and get on the middle leaning platform and get on the Esenler shuttle.

Shuttle services are carried out with a single train. Average; It has a serial show as “a travel time of 1.5-2 minutes + waiting time at the last station of 1.5 minutes + a return time of 1.5-2 minutes + a waiting period of 1.5-2 minutes”.

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