The Most Affordable Bursaray Tender ... The Kilometer Cost of the Kestel Stage is One-third of the University Stage ...

Kilometer Cost of Kestel Stage: There is no doubt that Bursa is the biggest investment of local governments. Beginning in Erdem Saker period of 17, which started from Organized Industrial Zone in Mudanya Road and from Şehreküstü in Mudanya Road, Erdoğan Bilenser completed.


In the period of Hikmet Şahin, he reached the Arabayatağı with the Bnite of 4.8 kilometers. In the Sahin period, the tender was held for the Uludag University Phase of 6.6 kilometers.

We remember s

Before the 29 March 2009 local elections, the late Mayor of Hikmet Şahin made a decision to tender and had received warnings from both his party and the public in Bursa.

warnings ...

It is stated that it is not right to make a tender with high cost when selecting the election and it is said that baş If you continue, you do not hold your hand if someone else is elected as Metropolitan Mayor Seç.


At that time, 6.6 was awarded to 98 million Euros at the Uludag University Stage.


Another tender for the purchase of 30 wagons was 94.2 million.

29 March 2009 Mayor Recep Altepe, who was elected as the Mayor of the city, started to work in these two tenders. The wagon was unable to change the tender, but the contractor firm agreed and agreed on decisions to save money.

With the 36 saving from the line, the 2.3 kilometer started to be built in the Labor Phase, and thus, the extension of Bursaray from Organized Industrial Zone to Emek on Mudanya Road.


Last week, the tender to carry Bursaray to Kestel from Arabayatağı, which is the last stop, has been tendered.

8 will reach the underground at two points on the Kestel line. One of these is the transition to the Esenevler Junction. The second underground will be in the form of a closed tunnel.

For this…

Bursaray will go underground after the event passes. Under the Kestel Junction the tunnel will be divided into two. One arm of the line will climb up above the ground to the Kestel Care Center, the other will go underground and reach the last station in front of Kestel Plaza, the former Sarıyer.

This section envisions the 500-meter tunnel.

The Kestel Stage does not have anything different from the previous ones.


This line was awarded to 68.5 million liras.

We don't want to overwhelm the writing. That is why we will be able to compare the tenders of the last two terms.

The table we see is:

The 1 kilometers of the University Stage before the local election cost 33 million pounds, while the 1 kilometer cost of the Kestel Pillar is 11 million pounds.


Altepe management, Bursaray's 1 kilometers according to Sahin management cost less than 22 million pounds. This means that the 1 kilometer of the Kestel Stage was costed to one third of the 1 kilometer of the University Stage.

In short…

It is a huge difference both in terms of management and cost. After all money


By the way…

In the new phase, 7 station will take Bursaray to the east of the city from Arabayatağı to Kestel.

The new station will be the first station at the Police School Junction. The second station will take place at the Esenevler Junction, which will be crossed by a boom.

The third station will be held in Yeşilevler. Then there is the Otosansit station. The fifth station will be at the Gürsu Junction, the sixth station in front of the Event Media. The seventh and last station will be built as an underground station in Kestel.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz



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