Cuneyt Young: You Siemen reported that aspire to produce high-speed train in Turkey

Cüneyt Genç answered the questions at the Eurasiarail Railway, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Railway Logistics Fair opened by Türkel Fuarcılık in Ankara Anfa Altınpark Fair Center.

Explaining that trains that can speed over 165 kilometers per hour are described as "high-speed trains", Genç said that, with the developments in the last 5 years, those that can reach over 300 kilometers per hour have started to be accepted as high-speed trains.

Pointing out that Siemens is the first company to produce electric trains in the world, Genç said, “Siemens makes the fastest trains produced in series in the company. Siemens' trains, which can speed over 400 kilometers per hour, differ from many competitors with the comfort of their interiors as well as their speed. Especially our Velaro series trains provide comfort far beyond the comfort of your home. "The comfort of the seats, internet service, restaurants and places inside the train like meeting rooms offer an office environment."

Explaining that they have developed high-speed trains, which are also an alternative to aircraft in intercity transportation, these trains are currently serving in Germany, Spain, China and Russia, Genç stated that Siemens' newly produced Valero series trains consume 30 percent less electricity compared to other competitors.

Turkey in the 1950-2000 year include rail is almost no investment in the systematic transportation, but since 2000 this area of ​​emphasis is representing Young, last year, he said 3,5 billion euros and exceeded investments in the road of investment in the railways.

Stating that the production of high-speed trains requires great technology, Genç noted that Siemens develops high-speed trains according to the terrain and climate conditions of each country. Noting that the high-speed train designed for Russia and the high-speed train designed for China are not the same, Genç said, “The temperature range of trains in Russia is much different than in China. These trains must run up to -50 degrees in Russia. In China, it should be used at plus 50 degrees. Passenger transport capacity can also differ between China and Russia. In other words, certain designs must be made specifically for each country, ”he said.
Explaining that Siemens has implemented light rail systems in Ankara and Bursa, Genç said that the signaling in the Istanbul subway was also renewed by Siemens.

Stating that the government is focusing on rail systems as a transportation strategy, she said:
"We aspire to produce high-speed trains in Turkey. The fastest train to 400 kilometers per hour, which may Siemens Velaro we can improve for Turkey. 50 million euros have been invested in Siemens Turkey may reserve for it. We can not bring a complete train set here, a major contribution to the technology by providing high-speed trains in Turkey Turkey, we want to implement. The first stage will start from the 20 percent share in Turkey's contribution, more than half of the time we think a structure will provide added value in Turkey. Today between Ankara-Eskisehir line can exceed 250 kilometers, we want to bring the trains reaching speeds of 400 kilometers will be held in Turkey in the new line. "
Ankara-Konya, Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train lines have begun to be made, Ankara-Sivas, Ankara-Izmir lines continued to work on the recording of the young, said:

“In the upcoming period, feasibility studies are carried out for more than 2 thousand kilometers of new lines. As Siemens, we want to be in these projects. The first is that the speed for high-speed train tender in Turkey earlier they fall behind. High speed train technology is not static but constantly developing. We call 350 kilometers good today, but we can reach 3 kilometers in the next 5-500 years. "

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