Atilla Makina Construction

ATILLA MACHINE CONSTRUCTION LTD. Sti. Since its establishment, it has reached its present status by delivering all the works it has undertaken until today in the required qualifications and planned time. He is proud of contributing to his customers and Turkish industry with his works in completed and ongoing works. With its wide, experienced technical and application staff, it carries on its work and growth day by day. Today, our company continues its activities in domestic and overseas construction sites and undertakes all industrial projects on a turnkey basis and put them into operation. In addition, machinery and assembly, steel construction, tank, cyclone, gas ducts, piping manufacturing and assembly, insulation, sanding and provides partial services such as paint work. All electrical, automation and instrumentation works are carried out in the projects.

ATİLLA Makina İnş. Ltd. Ltd. Şti. Carries out special purpose and designed applications besides standard construction and plant applications. Depending on the qualifications and conditions of the project, it selects the appropriate techniques, provides the right materials and equipment and demonstrates its work with the best workmanship.

As a company, we are honored to be your solution partner in all of our industrial projects that will be in the forefront of your portfolio and establish a complete or partial facility.

Our mission :

To provide the highest level of service and support to our customers according to their needs by using the latest technology.


in industrial areas we operate in Turkey and the premise of maintaining our position in the international market sector we have is to become a leader directing the company.

Ceyhun Atif Kansu Cad. Ata Plaza No: 100

Floor: 4 Balgat / ANKARA

Tel No:
+90 312 473 22 33

Fax No:
+90 312 473 26 55

Email: is


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