Asım Güzelbey: Gaziantep Loved The Tram

tramway gaziantep
tramway gaziantep

Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Asım Güzelbey and the AK Party Gaziantep deputies, 1 March tram tour, which was put into service in March, made observations.

In addition to President Güzelbey'in the tram tour, the AK Party Gaziantep deputies Mehmet Erdogan, Halil Mazicioglu, Ozlem Muftuoglu, Mehmet Sari and many press members attended.

Mayor Güzelbey stated that the citizens showed great interest in the tram. “As of March 1, our light rail system started to carry passengers. Our citizens have a great interest in Tram. Approximately every 15 departs from the tram stops every minute. Obviously we did not expect that there would be such interest. ”


Güzelbey said, “When our citizens get used to the system, we will speed up the Tram services. Our citizens prefer the tram not because they wonder, but because they see it as a clean, cheap and reliable means of transportation. If we add the warehouse area along with the route, we have completed the 15 km rail system. This is a beginning. We do not say that we have solved the transportation problem of Gaziantep with the 15-kilometer rail system. However, we say that we will continue with the second stage after this start. ”

Saying that they will move to the Karataş stage after the first stage, Güzelbey said, “The tender for the Karataş stage is ready. Today we will send it to the tender service tomorrow. We will hold tenders in mid-April. If there is no obstacle, we plan to lay the foundation in June. We are doing these things fast now. We are planning to complete the Karataş stage in a short period of 8 to 12 months. In mid-2012, we will start carrying passengers in the Karataş stage. There is a very dense population in Karataş and people here have a connection with the university. In this respect, we attach great importance to the Karataş stage for the integration of the university with the city. Later, we will connect the regions of İbrahimli, GATEM, KÜSGET, Gazikent and OSB with the center. ”

to Gaziantep kazanAK Party Gaziantep Deputy Mehmet Erdoğan, who thanked President Güzelbey for his projects, said, “Our President has taken this first step. It received a lot of criticism at first. The city is growing fast. Public transport is an important issue. Our citizens are already showing great interest. These services make us happy. In addition, the historical monuments in the city were in ruins. With the studies carried out, these kazanyelled. With the construction of these, Gaziantep became a city of culture. We would like to thank our president and his team.”

Mayor Güzelbey and AK Party Gaziantep Deputies travel to Masal Park stop by tram. sohbet they did.

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