Temsa Global has made Turkey to host UITP

Temsa Global UITP Turkey has hosted: Temsa Global, the world's largest provider of public transport in the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) The members of Turkey hosted the meeting

Temsa Global, International Association of Public Transport (UITP) was found in Turkey hosted the members of the meeting. Meeting members of the Association of Turkey; Temsa, Istanbul Transport Inc., IETT, Yapı Center, Kent card, BURULAS, Izmir Metro, RAYDER, BMC, Voith Turbo, Otokar, E-Kent, Asis, Polaris, TÖHOB, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and representatives of Smartsoft participated.

Temsa Global Sales and Marketing General Manager Yusuf Soner, Temsa Marketing Manager Ekrem Özcan and Temsa Public Sales Manager Bahadır Hızlan attended the event.

Towards the UITP Constantin Dellis Europe and Eurasia Regional Director and Country Manager of UITP Turkey Kaan Yıldızgöz realized that the UITP Bus Working Group meeting moderated and studies about making appropriate disability access to public transport were shared. In addition, the issues related to the legislation on public transportation, financing, sustainable public transport, the UITP World Congress and the upcoming UITP events were discussed.

Following the meeting of the members, a workshop was organized by UITP in the organization and financing of public transport by Temsa Global.

During the workshop, UITP True Europe and Eurasia Regional Manager Constantin Dellis made a presentation on how the European Union's directives should be prepared according to the latest directives. The Public Transport UITP Turkey Country Manager Kaan Yıldızgöz of Finance told innovative methods used worldwide, and Public-Private Partnerships practices. In the workshop, Şafak Hengirmen Tercan, Head of Environmental Protection and Control Department of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, gave information about the financing model of Gaziantep Rail Line.

The workshop ended with a closing speech by Yusuf Soner, General Manager of Temsa Global Sales and Marketing.



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