30 is the main station of the high-speed train that will be completed in the moon at Geçit, the intermediate station is in Kazıklı in One station will be in Yenişehir

Bursa is now counting days hızlı 40 is about to reach the train it has dreamed for years now as a speed train.
Right now…
As explained by State Minister Faruk Çelik, the process is running. 22 7 company which qualifies for the qualification certificate in April, will receive tenders from the company and the foundation will be laid in the second half of May.
According to the project…
The first station in Bilecik / Osmaneli-Bursa High Speed ​​Train project will take place in Akdere Village, south of Yenisehir. From the north of Çardak Village, to the south of Küçükbal Village, the line will land from Erdoğan Village to the valley.
From the south of Gölbaşı to the Ring Road, north of Barakfaki will come to the village of Kazıklı. The second station will be at Kazıklı.
After that…
İsmetiye and Demirtaş will cross the Yalova road from the north and pass through the west of the Passage.
Bursa Station, after crossing the junction to the south of the Technical Materials Factory at the back of the new sites will be made at the end of the new site.
According to the project; 185 kilometers between Bandirma and Osmaneli. The length of the Bandırma-Bursa stage is 90, while the distance between Bursa and Osmaneli is 95.
In the tender ...
At the first stage, 41-116 will take place between kilometers. This means that the first stage will start from Yenişehir and cross the city center, and the 21 to the west of Bursa will be laid.
The given time is seen as 30 months.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz



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