Railways 5 will cross the land in years.

Railways noted that in the last eight years made significant investments TCDD General Director Süleyman Karaman, "Our goal is to convert the said land until the year 2016 the loss of TCDD.

Okan University "High-speed trains in Turkey and Future" experts in public by hosting a panel discussion, representatives of the business community and the university brought together. The development of high-speed train system in the world and Turkey on the panel that examined TCDD General Director Süleyman Karaman and was also present in Okan University Board of Trustees Chairman Bekir Okan. Deputy General Manager of TCDD İsa ApaydınHonorary President of Yapı Merkezi Group Ersin Arıoğlu, Tüvasaş Board Member Prof. Dr. Muammer Kantarcı, Okan University Department of International Logistics. Dr. Güngör Evren, Alarko Contracting Group Group Assistant Coordinator Bülent Akkan joined as a panelist. Speaking that the use of high-speed train has become a necessity in order to minimize the damage caused by road vehicles, the speakers emphasized the reliability of the railway according to other transportation systems.

25 billion to be invested in railways

Many studies done throughout the year and describing 8 10 thousand kilometers of railway that refresh the 5 500 thousand kilometers Suleyman Karaman, said the TCDD conducted by the project's cost is around £ 35 25 billion. Stating that 17 billion TL includes the High Speed ​​Train project, Karaman said, ın The high speed train is the prestige project of a developing country. If a country has a high-speed train, the world knows the country better, 'technology is developing in this country, technology is renewing' he can say, '' he said. Investment in increasing transport demand and congestion of the railways mandating emphasized that until 2023 of Karaman target 10 thousand 546 kilometers by High Speed ​​Trains and 3 thousand 985 kilometers conventional lines, he stated that the total railway network 25 thousand 536 kilometers extract.

Professor of International Logistics at Okan University Dr. The Güngör universe with an emphasis on high-speed trains save time, the longer the investment in railways in recent years, but stressed that they should be continued. The universe, high-speed trains in the transportation systems of the future will be weight, he said.



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