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eurasian tunnel
eurasian tunnel

The Eurasia Tunnel is coming to Istanbul! Bosphorus highway crossing project has started! Kazlıçeşme - Göztepe goes down to 15 minutes. Work was started with a ceremony attended by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the Istanbul Strait Highway Crossing Project, which will be built between Cankurtaran beach and Haydarpaşa.

Europe-Asia connection Business Launch Ceremony, which will still reduce the travel time between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe to 100 minutes, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at Haydarpaşa Port, Binali Yıldırım, Transport Minister, Korean Consul General Jong Kyoung Hong and Eurasia Tunnel Operation and Construction Investment Inc. It was held with the participation of the Chairman of the Board, Başar Arıoğlu.

In order to provide an alternative and fast highway crossing in the Bosphorus, the project, which will be built about 1,8 km south of the Marmaray project, which is still under construction, will share the traffic loads of the two bridges and provide a more balanced and fast urban transportation to Istanbul.

Build-Operate-Transfer model: competitive international procurement

The project will be completed in 1,1 months with an investment of approximately 55 billion dollars. The Turkish-Korean Joint Venture, which was opened by the Turkish Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Railways, Ports and Airports Construction (DLH) with the “Build Operate Transfer” model on this project, won the Eurasia Tunnel Operation Construction and Investment Inc. on June 30, 2008. S. it was named after.

Istanbul will gain a safe, fast and environmentally friendly transportation infrastructure

The project will create a fast transit route between Asia and Europe. The project, which will provide significant economic and physical benefits such as reduced travel time and increased reliability, will contribute to reductions in fuel consumption, greenhouse gas and other emissions and noise pollution. Istanbul will have an environmentally friendly transportation infrastructure that does not affect its natural beauty and silhouette, takes care of ecological balances and does not harm the marine life.

The project will be the most practical route between Atatürk Airport on the European side and Sabiha Gökçen Airport on the Anatolian side. The integration of the tunnel between the two airports is expected to contribute significantly to Istanbul's position in international air transportation.

Section 3,4 below the sea floor

The project consists of the expansion of the Kennedy Avenue on the European side and the D5,4 Istanbul-Ankara State Highway on the Asian side and the improvement of the access roads, with the construction of a 100-kilometer two-storey tunnel that will pass the Bosphorus under the sea floor.

Technical Data of the Project

  • Total length of the project: 14.6 km
  • European side approach way: 5.4 km
  • Bosphorus crossing section: 5.4 km
  • Asian side approach way: 3.8 km
  • Length to be passed by TBM in the Bosphorus: 3.4 km
  • TBM digging diameter: 13.7 meter
  • Deepest sea floor elevation: - 61 meters
  • Lowest cover thickness: 25 meter from the sea floor
  • Lowest tunnel level: - 106,4 meters
  • Distance to Marmaray: 1.8 km to the south
  • Project amount: about 1.1 billion USD
  • Completion time of construction: 55 month
  • Daily capacity: Total 120.000 vehicle in both directions

On the route with a total length of 14,6 kilometers, the tunnel will pass from minus 61 meters and under the 25 meter cover thickness at the deepest point of the seabed. The bottom of the bottom of the sea floor will be a mile long. In the Bosphorus crossing section of the tunnel constructed as two-storey, the rock layers below the sea floor will be overcome with TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) technology. The project 3,3 meter 13,7 in the world with TBM digging diameter. ranks.

In the design of the project, whose impact on the environment and society has been evaluated for two years, the security of the earthquake has been prioritized along with all security measures. The tunnel, designed to withstand the shocks of the 7,5 by Richter scale, will not affect potential tsunami waves.

When the approach roads are completed, they will be delivered to IMM

When the Asian-European approach roads and road expansion works are completed, they will be delivered to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality with the connection roads. Expansion and improvement works will start from Kazlıçeşme on Florya-Sirkeci Coastal Road and the existing road will be increased from 6 lanes to 8 lanes with works on Kennedy Avenue. On the Asian side, D100 Highway will be taken to 8 lanes in the section up to Göztepe intersection. Underpasses will be replaced by existing intersections and intersections and new overpasses will be constructed for pedestrians.

Eurasia Tunnel Operation Construction and Investment Co. partners

The Build-Operate-Transfer model adopted in the project brought together the investment dynamism and project experience of the private sector with the support of international financial institutions and public service assurance. The contractor of the project, ATAŞ, was established in partnership with domestic and foreign companies, each known for large-scale infrastructure and transportation projects. Turkey and assign successful projects in the world Building Center Inc. partners of the organization, Yapı Merkezi, SK-E & C, Kukdong, Samwhan Corp. and Hanshin.

Yapi Merkezi -

Founded in 1965 Yapı Merkezi, it is today one of the leading construction company in Turkey and the world. The focus of the group includes general construction works contracting, as well as urban and intercity public transportation system projects such as urban subway and light rail systems, fast railways. The company, which has extensive experience in tunnel, bridge and railway constructions, has completed 1 kilometers of railways in 33 systems that provide safe transportation to 1410 million people a day. The number of passengers benefiting from Yapı Merkezi projects will reach 2012 million per day in 3. Projects in this area include Dubai Metro, Izmir Metro, Antalya and Istanbul tram lines, Istanbul, Eskişehir and Kayseri light rail systems and Taksim-Kabataş The funicular system is included. The Building Center is ranked 225th in 2005, 135th in 2007, 124th in 2009, and 127th in 2010, on the list of the world's top 155 contractors published by the ENR (Engineering News Record).

Other projects that stand out among the 39 million m2 building engineered by Yapı Merkezi include the Bosphorus Four Seasons Hotel in Istanbul, the restoration of the Galata Tower and the Şişli Plaza skyscraper complex. As of 2008, the Group's income reached 300 million USD, 600 million USD of which is export. The headquarters of Yapı Merkezi, where approximately 5 people are currently employed, is in Istanbul. Since 1980, design and construction works have been undertaken abroad, especially in Algeria, Dubai, Morocco, Kuwait, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Sudan.

SK-E & C -

SK E&C is the construction and engineering branch of SK Group, which is the third largest business group of Korea and ranked 500nd on the Fortune Global 72 list, which determines the world's largest companies. SK Group, which employs a total of 77 thousand 24 people in 400 companies, has 90 offices all over the world. As of 2008, the assets of SK Group were announced as 87 billion USD and sales revenues as 83 billion USD. SK E&C has a wide range of activities in the field of construction. Architectural design and building construction works such as tunnel, railway, high-speed rail systems and highway constructions, residential and office, entertainment and shopping centers, airport constructions, and industrial facilities in the fields of refinery, petroleum, petrochemical and energy, SK E & C's many projects. between.

SK E&C made a national significant contribution to Korea in the 20th century by establishing key rail networks, including extensive tunneling works. Countries in which SK E&C has undertaken construction business on a global scale and participated in privileged energy projects include Brazil, China, Philippines, Ghana, Kuwait, Laos, Mexico, Romania, Thailand, UAE and the USA. SK E&C has participated in and participates in the following Public Private Partnership projects in Korea: 1.5 billion USD Busan-Geoje motorway with submerged tunnel section, 110 million USD Yong-ma tunnel, 1.9 billion USD Daegu-Busan motorway , 810 million USD Yongin – Seoul highway and 68 million USD Kimhae water and treatment plant. SK E&C sees its main strategic priority as developing and investing in Public Private Partnership projects.

Kukdong -

Kukdong Engineering & Construction Co., headquartered in Korea. Ltd. It operates in the field of construction works (infrastructure, tunnel, subway, port, dam). Kukdong's main shareholder (63,51%) is the Korean firm Woongling Holdings. Among the wide range of projects completed by Kukdong, the following projects stand out among the examples that will shed light on his contribution to the Bosphorus Highway Crossing Project: Road construction between Yosu and Sunchon regions in Korea, the ventilation systems of the Seoul metro, the construction of the second line of the Daegu metro and the construction of the US Many bridge rehabilitation and building construction projects in Los Angeles city. As of 2, Kukdong's revenues were 2008 million USD and its profit before tax was 456 million USD. Kukdong participates in this project with its advanced technology and know-how in road pavement and tunnel construction.

Samwhan Corp. -

Samwhan Corp. based in Korea. operates in the field of construction works (tunnel, metro and underground projects, railway, road and bridge, port and sea embankments), architectural design (office, residential and entertainment facilities) and industrial facility works (energy, wastewater treatment, oil and chemistry) . Samwhan's main partners are Yong-Kwon Choi (6,28%) and Jae-Wook Choi (1,72%). Samwhan's projects that can be evaluated closely with the Bosphorus Highway Crossing Project are as follows: Lot 7-23 part of Seoul Metropolitan Metro, Gwangan Grand Bridge, Lot 6 part of Seoul ring road construction project, Korea National Highway Expansion and Road Laying Project between Haksan and Youngdong. many other highway and railway projects. In 2008, Samwhan announced 635 million USD revenue and 8.3 million USD net profit. Samwhan, which employs 635 people, is located on the Korean Stock Exchange. Samwhan's role in the project is construction and investment.

Hanshin -

Hanshin Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd. is a Korea-based company operating in the fields of construction, mechanical and electrical works and construction management services. Hanshin's main shareholder, Koam C&C Development, has 900 employees and 40% of its shares are traded on the stock market by various investors. Among the projects completed by Hanshin that can be seen in relation to the Bosphorus Highway Crossing Project are the construction of the Dangjin-Seocheon sector of the Korean West Coast Highway, the construction of the Jungkok Tunnel, and the Sannam-Seonghwa Tunnel. Hanshin's shares, represented on the Korea Stock Exchange, are also among the elements that make up the Korea Combined Stock Index. Hanshin's role in the project is construction and investment.

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