Istanbul Metro to make up to 02.00

Within the scope of New Year's preparations, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has increased their importance in the centers where New Year's entertainment is intense. ULAŞIM A.Ş. will increase the number of flights in parallel with the intensity that will increase on the occasion of New Year's Eve. [more…]

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16 Bursa

TCDD like a glaze

While MHP Secretary General and Bursa Deputy İsmet Büyükataman made 8 motions, he brought up the high-speed train route and stations. In addition, the 2B injustice in Hasanağa OIZ, the compatriots' [more…]

When to start tcdd transport recruitment applications

TCDD 270 Labor Credit

Applications will be made to the Turkish Employment Agency. Those who are registered with the Turkish Employment Agency are not considered to have applied for our request. Those registered with the institution must apply to our announced request. engineer worker [more…]