First Examination for Gear Train to Uludağ

  1. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe told Uludağ that they are working to realize the gear train project and that they attach importance to this project to make Bursa a special city.

A delegation from Switzerland about the 12-kilometer gear train project, starting from the cable car and extending to Uludağ Çobankaya, also made a review in Uludağ with the Advisor to the President Levent Fidansoy. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe said in a statement on the subject: “We want to reach Uludağ by cable car and train. Our people should not go by vehicle. We want the summer and winter trains to work. The cable car project is about to begin. We want Bursa to be different. We are currently reviewing all trains in the world. We are in extensive research to save time. ”

The important thing is to bring unusual projects and the city's name to Bursa President Altepe explaining that to the forefront in the world, "Turkey, Bursa, cable car and affords the currently popular with Bursaspor. We want Bursa to be different. You will consider the investment so that you must eventually realize it. You will prepare the project, get the permissions and approvals and go the way. We are investigating which brand is the most efficient in the gear train. It is necessary to target and make it into the program. It has to be started, he's done. ”

”Hotels in Bursa“

Explaining that Bursa should do these projects for the special city, Mayor Altepe said, “Everyone goes to Uludağ by road. But it takes an hour. If the cable car carrying 200 thousand people per hour ends and the gear train project starts, there will be no need to build a hotel in Uludağ. Hotels to be built in Bursa. Let the tourist get on the train to the mountain in a short time. Make your skating and go back. Our goal is to reveal a Uludağ, which is not accessible by car, but by cable car and train. Hoteliers also want this. This is the rule of work. ”

Uludag will be the center of attraction

A delegation from Switzerland also examined the Hotels District, Çobankaya and Bakacak and received information from the Advisor to the President, Levent Fidansoy.

On the other hand, operators in Uludağ said that Uludağ will be a center of attraction in all seasons by solving the problems of the suburbs and the implementation of the cable car and gear train project. Hoteliers, who want Uludağ to achieve an order and transfer the authorities to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, said, “The gear train project is a very good project. I hope it will happen. The benefits of this project are huge. With this, Uludağ will have a new face. In this way, the traffic density in Uludağ is removed. Unnecessary vehicles are prevented from coming here. A more European image is formed. The air of the ski resort is dominant. Also, it will be easier for the foreign guests coming in the summer to reach Uludağ. ”

Source: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality

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