Kabataş - 37 low-based tram vehicles start working on the Bağcılar line.

📩 24/11/2018 09:45

The first sample to be introduced to the press by President Kadir Topbaş and Kabataş - All 37 low-floor tram vehicles purchased to meet the increasing passenger demand in the Bağcılar line have been tested.

The number of vehicles will go to 92 together with the service. 5 and 2,5 will be the 4 and 2 minutes in minutes.

Since the vehicles are low-based, there are no steps or obstacles in the vehicle. In this way, passengers with disabilities, vehicles will be able to move comfortably.

Since the passenger and driver sections are air-conditioned with air conditioning, Istanbul residents will not be affected negatively by the seasonal conditions. Optimum seat placement has been designed for passenger mobility. In the vehicle design, tulip form was applied to the front cabinet, inspired by the Istanbul tulip.

Technical Specifications:
Total drawbar power 600 kW
Maximum Speed ​​70km / s
Minimum Emergency braking acceleration 2,8m / s
Bumper load load 40 ton

The latest technological innovations were applied in Istanbul vehicles.
The traction motors (electric drive motors) are the motors used in high-speed train technology and were first used in mass production in Istanbul.

The fully shielded cab is designed to protect the machine from possible collisions. More secure passenger traffic was targeted with high emergency braking acceleration.

To keep the driver's attention constantly active, the vehicle has been designed with the dead man handle and the engineer is fainted. In the event of a safe stop is guaranteed.

In-car security and travel safety are improved with closed circuit camera system. Vehicles can be tracked along the line with GPS.

Date: 31 December 2010 Friday
Time: 13.30
Meeting Place: Kabataş Tram Station

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