Erzurum - Light Rail System Project

One of the main issues of the cities in the process of growth and development is public transportation. In all developed cities of the world, this problem has been solved by putting the rail systems into operation.

Erzurum has shown important developments in terms of urbanization in recent years. Yenişehir, Dadaşkent and Yıldızkent are almost satellite cities. kazanwas. With the development of winter tourism, the ski route has become an important settlement. A neighborhood view that grows day by day around Kombina kazanwas.

In short, Erzurum is standing as a settlement center that has a tendency to spread horizontally. In a city that has a tendency to spread in the physical sense, it is seen as an inevitable need to utilize rail systems in the field of public transportation.

For young, dynamic, innovative local government staff, investing in the future of the city should be the first target. It is only possible to be a successful president by being satisfied with routine municipal services. However, the reputation and service life of such a president is limited to an election period. If a city manager wants to keep his name alive for ever with eternal works, he does not content with ordinary successes and invests in the future. The vision of the visionary managers who are not willing to take a one-term rule is serious, permanent, contemporary and original projects.


We recommend that you conduct a research on the following topics, without respecting possible reasons such as “difficult and expensive to finance”:

  • For the detection of the outline of the overhead rail system
  • Establishing a rapid technical commission,
  • To make the ground survey of the projected line rapidly,
  • Determination of passenger density,
  • Determining stops and distances,
  • Carrying out a research on the types of wagons to be used

Our idea about the route of the line is:

After the use of Ilica hot springs for treatment purposes, the density of passengers coming to our city from this district will increase. Therefore, the starting point of the aboveground light rail system as a great benefit Ilıca.

  • System coming from Ilıcadan (aziziye municipality),
  • Dadaşkent will pass through the ring road,
  • The stadium will enter into the University (yakutiye municipality)
  • Through the University
  • In front of the research hospital will go to Çat
  • From there follow the route of Yıldızkent and Yenişehir
  • It will reach the city center from Bosna Street.

Technical staff can determine the exact route and stall locations by calculating the minimum cost and passenger density.
It seems possible to prepare an economical project with light systems that do not require underground bridges and are provided with signaling system. By collaborating with Municipalities implementing similar projects, the project specific to Erzurum can be put into action quickly. It makes us proud that our Metropolitan Municipality has signed such a prestigious project. In this cold country, those who offer a warm, high-quality, modern public transportation opportunity will establish a taste in the heart of this city.

Especially such a contemporary service will give a different atmosphere to a city that hosts forty thousand students and thousands of tourists. Last year, Middle East Technical University (METU) made a decision to create a Rail System on campus. The project, prepared by faculty members and students, foresees to provide transportation on campus with a tram-like “monorail”. Can a technical commission to be established by our municipality contact the OTDU officials and investigate the applicability of similar projects for Erzurum?

In addition, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out a serious project on public transportation through Light Rail systems. Kayseri Municipality went to the international tender with a guarantee of treasury in 2004. A technical committee can work on this and investigate the ways in which Erzurum can bring a similar project to the same stage. Of course, cooperation with Istanbul, Ankara and Konya Municipalities is possible. How did these Municipalities start and execute more or less similar projects, and what foreign sources did they find to finance the projects?

What are the possibilities of internal financing?

It will eliminate our public transportation problem for fifty years, make a great contribution to the fight against air pollution, and therefore give great prestige to the government. kazanIf such a project would be explained to Mr. Prime Minister and the non-governmental organizations of the city and influential circles of the city carried out lobbying activities.

I wonder if you can not get a result? The big managers are big dreams and big goals. We see the vision of the mayors, governor and the political committee as adequate for large projects. How did the planer implement a larger scale project? How could we get a treasure guarantee?

They are also Metropolitan, we also; moreover, they have two, we have four lower levels.
Our government has given us first degree incentives. has put forward a political will for our development; Why should a government that demonstrates this will not give us the guarantee of the treasury it gives to Kayseri? And why can't we do a project to be built in METU's campus in Erzurum?

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